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Rebrandable WordPress User Manual Bonus – 9 WordPress Video Training Packs

Our Rebrandable WordPress User Manual now includes 400+ downloadable videos that you can add to your site and use to train your clients and new WordPress users.

As we explain in our article on the challenges of training WordPress users, keeping WordPress “how-to” videos up-to-date is very time-consuming and difficult.

Our focus is to provide the most comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date WordPress written tutorials available. We don’t have the resources to create and maintain WordPress training videos up-to-date, so we outsource video content production for our vast library of 2,000+ WordPress and Digital Business videos to external suppliers.

We also host and maintain these videos on our WordPress video training membership site and give customers who purchase The Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual access to all videos, plus unlimited membership reseller access to our Rebrandable WordPress User Manual clients.

Great News …

Recently, one of our video content suppliers decided to extend their video licensing agreement to allow us to resell their entire video catalog to our clients.

This means that we can now offer over 400+ downloadable videos (40+ modules with over 40+ hours of video training) from our video library to our customers/members.

So…we have decided to make all these videos available as 9 separate video training packs.

WordPress Video Training Packs – Overview

We have grouped the 40+ video modules/400+ video lessons into the following video training packs:

  1. Sell More WordPress Services: Use these videos to sell more WordPress services and grow your WordPress business.
  2. WordPress Client Training Videos: Use these videos to train your clients to use their WordPress sites.
  3. WordPress Setup & Configuration: These videos explain how to install, set up, and configure a WordPress site.
  4. WordPress Security: These videos explain how to secure and protect WordPress sites.
  5. WordPress SEO: These videos explain how to improve SEO on WordPress sites.
  6. WordPress Maintenance: These videos explain how to maintain and update WordPress sites.
  7. WordPress Optimization: These videos explain how to optimize WordPress sites for delivering faster loading pages and web content to visitors.
  8. More Web Traffic, Engagements, and Conversions: Use these videos to teach your clients effective strategies to drive more traffic to their websites, increase user engagement, and improve their conversions.
  9. WordPress Development: These videos cover various aspects of WordPress development and customizing WordPress sites.

Each of the video training packs above can be purchased individually or downloaded at no additional cost if you are a Rebrandable WordPress User Manual member.

Click on the products below to view all video titles included with each training pack:

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How To Use These Video Training Packs

You can use these video training packs to train your clients to use their WordPress sites more effectively and improve their business results:

Use these video packs to:

  • Grow your WordPress business
  • Upsell additional WordPress services (e.g. website building, SEO, web maintenance, optimization, digital marketing, etc.)
  • Add valuable/useful content to your own tutorials, guides, lead gen magnets, etc.
  • Build credibility/authority in the WordPress niche.
  • Start your own WordPress membership training site.

Video Training Packs – Additional Information

Ideally, we would love to be able to negotiate extended licensing/reseller agreements with all of our video content suppliers and to keep adding new video titles to our video training packs as our video suppliers make these available.

Since we don’t control the production of the video content, we cannot guarantee video updates or additional titles for the above video training packs.

However, we DO GUARANTEE that we will promptly pass on all updates and new video titles that our video supplier(s) make available to you.

Video Training Packs – Usage Rights

These videos come with personal/business use rights.

What this means is that …

You can:

  • Download the videos.
  • Host the videos on your own server.
  • Upload/Add the videos to your own website.
  • Use the videos to train your clients (e.g. add them to a private client training area).
  • Add the videos to your own tutorials.
  • Add links to the videos in your client training guides, PDFs, emails, marketing, etc.

You can’t:

  • You cannot edit the videos.
  • You cannot resell the videos.
  • You cannot add the videos to public video sharing sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

For more details about your usage rights for these videos, see our FAQs section.

How To Access All 400+ Videos

  • To view and purchase video training packs individually, go here.
  • To download ALL video training packs and get EVERYTHING we include in our complete WordPress client training solution, become a Rebrandable WordPress User Manual member.


"If you're new to WordPress, this can stand on its own as a training course and will stay with you as you progress from beginner to advanced and even guru status." - Bruce (Columbus, Ohio)

Updated: July 5th, 2024

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