WordPress Security – Video Training Pack


These videos explain how to secure and protect WordPress sites.

WordPress Security - Video Training

Videos: 16 | Duration: 1 hr 40 mins | Product ID: WPTV-0004

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WordPress Security – Video Training Pack

These videos explain how to secure and protect WordPress sites.

01 – WordPress Security Basics

These videos show you how to secure and protect your computer, server, and WordPress site from hackers and malware attacks.

01 – Protect Your Computer [Antivirus and Anti-Spyware – Avast and Webroot]

Protecting your computer is the first line of defense because malware and viruses in a computer and files can enter the WordPress files that a user uploads to their site. Malware is often injected via scripts into code without the user’s knowledge. (4:07)

02 – Web Server Vulnerabilities

This area is often overlooked. If a web hosting company does not update its software frequently to meet WordPress requirements, potential backdoors and security breaches can happen. (3:58)

03 – WordPress Database Backups

Backing up a WordPress Database is crucial before doing any updates or changes to your site. This video explains how to backup your WordPress database. (3:22)

04 – Secure File & Directory Permissions

Understanding how file and directory permissions can impact WordPress security is important. This video explains how to change the permissions of files and folders correctly. (9:57)

05 – Update All Software

Updating WordPress software is one of the first lines of defense. However, updating software can be challenging, depending on the web hosting setup. This video explains what could happen during this process and how to combat it. (6:14)

06 – Firewalls

Just like protecting a computer with firewalls, this video explains how to protect an entire WordPress site and block out spambots. (4:47)

07 – Monitoring Files

This video explains how to monitor website files and get notified if someone edits files without permission. (5:19)

08 – WordPress Security Scanners

This video compares different WordPress security plugins, focusing on WordPress security scanners to detect malware on a site before it’s too late. (10:26)

02 – WordPress Security Methods

These videos explain why WordPress websites get hacked and basic preventative measures that can be taken to secure a WordPress site.

01 – Intro: Is WordPress Secure?

This video explores the question “is WordPress a secure platform to build a website?” (4:59)

02 – Backdoors

This video explains what backdoors are and how to protect a WordPress site from potential risks and exposure to security exploits. (11:29)

03 – WordPress Webhosting

This video explores the benefits of using WordPress webhosting to improve security. (9:38)

04 – Hide WordPress Login

This video explains how to use a simple plugin to hide your wp-admin login page. (3:28)

05 – WordPress Security Plugins

This video explores different WordPress security plugins that can be used to protect and secure a WordPress site and what each of these plugins do. (5:26)

06 – WordPress 2-Step Factor Authentication

This video explains how to improve a WordPress website’s security by adding two-step factor authentication using plugins. (4:34)

07 – WordPress Hotlink File Protection

This video explains how to add hotlink protection to a WordPress site’s files through its webhosting. (5:17)

08 – WordPress Password Protection

This video covers basic password protection measures for a WordPress site and using password managers. (6:33)


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