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WPTrainingManual.com‘s mission is to empower non-technical users to learn how to use their WordPress websites effectively and help them get better results online using their websites. 

We do this by providing WordPress end-users and service providers with the most comprehensive, detailed, practical, and regularly updated WordPress step-by-step user and client training available. 

We are confident that no other WordPress training for end-users can match WPTrainingManual.com for content quality, information, and value for money!

Martin AranovitchHello…

I’m Martin Aranovitch and I am a passionate WordPress trainer and a professional WordPress content writer.

I have been teaching, training, and educating people about the benefits and advantages of using WordPress to grow their business online almost since the beginning of WordPress itself.

Why WordPress?

Before discovering WordPress, I developed and taught software and language courses, worked in the publishing department of a global tech services company, and provided translation, interpreting, and tutoring services for private clients and the legal community.

WordPress as we know it first appeared around May 2003. I came across WordPress in 2005 and began using it to build websites and blogs for clients running businesses of all sizes.

Like most people who build or run sites with WordPress, I had to figure out how everything worked to do all the stuff I wanted to be done on my websites.

So, I spent many hours, weeks, and months learning WordPress and teaching myself how to use it.

I’m not a technically-oriented person. I didn’t want to learn how to code…I just wanted to get results!

As it turns out, I discovered that WordPress is the ideal digital vehicle for helping non-technical users like me create better results online.

If you don’t want to spend years going through a steep learning curve to learn how to use WordPress effectively, don’t worry! I’ve documented everything for you and I can show you how to do it faster, better, cheaper, and easier!

Do This…Get Results!

WordPress can build you a powerful digital vehicle.

After a few years spent building WordPress sites for clients and developing businesses online, I realized there was a clear need to help educate, teach, train, and empower other website owners to use their websites effectively.

Most businesses get a website developer to build them a website and are then left with a powerful digital vehicle, but no keys to drive it.

Without the keys to drive your vehicle, all you have is a vehicle that either stays parked or costs you a lot of money to run.

What good is a vehicle that can take you anywhere you want to go if you can’t drive it?

WordPress Training Is The Key.

Managing and running a digital presence successfully is a complex undertaking. Understandably, many businesses prefer to outsource the management of their website to professional and experienced service providers like web developers, web designers, and digital marketers, but this ultimately creates a huge problem for your business…you can become so completely dependent on external service providers to get even the simplest things done that it almost makes you their “hostage”!

If you own or work in a business with a website that runs on WordPress, hopefully, you can see the importance of learning how to use your website effectively.

And if you run a business that provides WordPress services, it’s also important to recognize that you must provide training that will empower your clients to use their websites effectively.

The success of the entire WordPress industry, in fact, depends on helping businesses understand what they can achieve with their WordPress websites. The more you teach, train, and empower businesses to use their WordPress website effectively, the more WordPress products and services they will want to use.

The more you empower WordPress users, the more they will want to use WordPress.
The more you empower WordPress users, the more WordPress products and services they will want to use.

After realizing the importance of training my own clients, in 2011, I began running WordPress education seminars and training workshops sponsored by local councils and state government initiatives…

Martin Aranovitch - WordPress Business Training Seminars

(WordPress Training Seminars)

Since then, I’ve written many books and training guides about using WordPress and related digital business topics…

Martin Aranovitch - Digital Business Guides

(WordPress & digital business guides)

I’ve also authored a number of digital products, including software and various online training courses…

Martin Aranovitch - Digital Product Creator

(Digital business products)

Since discovering WordPress, I’ve built hundreds of sites using the WordPress platform. Here are just some of the WordPress training sites I currently own and manage:

WPTraining Manual.com

WPTrainingManual.com provides WordPress learning, teaching & training resources for non-techies & digital service providers.

Our Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual contains 2,100+ pages of detailed step-by-step tutorials on how to use a WordPress site.

And our Rebrandable WordPress User Manual lets website developers provide clients with WordPress training branded with their own business details.


WPMasterclasses.com - WordPress and Digital Business Video Courses

(WPMasterclasses.com – WordPress and Digital Business Video Courses)

WPMasterclasses.com provides dozens of video courses and 2,000+ video tutorials on WordPress and digital business.


WPCompendium.org - Hundreds Of Free WordPress Tutorials For Non-Techies!

(WPCompendium.org – Hundreds Of WordPress Tutorials For Non-Techies … 100% FREE!)

WPCompendium.org provides hundreds of detailed step-by-step WordPress tutorials for non-techies and beginners. This site attracts thousands of visitors and users every month from all around the world.

Although many sites offer WordPress tutorials, most are run by technical users and aimed at a technical audience (e.g. web developers). WPCompendium.org is a unique WordPress tutorials site because it has been entirely built by a ‘non-techie’ and runs at minimal cost to show other non-techies how to do the same.

I Make My Living Writing About WordPress…

Despite having “zero” coding skills, I make a very nice living, thanks to WordPress.

Martin Aranovitch - Work from Home
I make a nice living working from home…all thanks to WordPress!

In 2019, I took up a full-time role as a content writer and blog editor for WPMU DEV, one of the world’s leading WordPress service companies, with over 1.6 million members and subscribers worldwide (check out my author page to view the articles and tutorials I’ve written).

Martin Aranovitch - WordPress content writer for WPMU DEV
Martin Aranovitch – WordPress content writer for WPMU DEV

Knowing how to use WordPress allows me to continue to work, be safe, enjoy life, and grow my business during the Covid-19 global pandemic. I am grateful for this, and I want to help you do the same!

Learn WordPress Or Train Your Clients Hands-Free With Our WordPress Training Products

As you can see, I am a huge fan of WordPress!

I make a full-time living as a professional WordPress content writer… I just love writing about WordPress.

What I love most about using WordPress is that it allows non-technical users (like me) to:

  • Build and automate businesses online without learning how to code.
  • Run a website effectively without depending on other people to get simple things done (like writing content to promote your business online).
  • Grow a successful digital presence at minimum cost.

I am passionate about training and empowering people to learn about the benefits and advantages of using WordPress.

I also enjoy the challenges of growing and automating a business online and sharing the time-saving and cost-effective methods and strategies I have learned over the years to get better results online.

WPTrainingManual.com is the culmination of 14+ years of professional experience and expertise in writing WordPress training content.

It is also an extension of my mission to provide WordPress service providers with a comprehensive training product that will empower more businesses and WordPress users to get better results from their digital presence.

To this end, I have developed the following products:

My Personal Commitment And Guarantee

As stated at the top of this page, I am personally committed to providing the most comprehensive, effective, and up-to-date WordPress user and client training solution available.

I guarantee you will not find better WordPress training for non-technical users anywhere that can match WPTrainingManual.com’s content quality, in-depth information, and value for money!

If you have any questions about these products, please visit the FAQ section, or contact us.

If you would like to earn generous sales commissions promoting our excellent products, please join our affiliate program (it’s free!)

I look forward to being a part of your digital success.

Martin Aranovitch


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