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All content is delivered electronically. We do not ship physical copies of the manual or other content files. The Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual is a downloadable PDF document containing over 2,100+ pages of detailed step-by-step written and screenshot tutorials. The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual is broken into multiple sections, as the original file size is too large to work with our rebranding tool. We don’t offer a hardcopy version of the WordPress Manuals because:
  • WordPress is continually evolving (which makes a printed book containing WordPress tutorials become quickly outdated), and
  • Printing out all the information you can access in this comprehensive WordPress User Manual would run into tens of thousands of pages.
Keeping the manual in digital format allows us to keep the content up-to-date and save on environmental costs. Additional training components include access to online versions of the tutorials (fully updated), video tutorials, email courses, downloadable guides and additional resources (e.g. checklists and templates). Everything is available inside your members’ area. As soon as your order is processed successfully, you will receive instructions on how to download a copy of your manual and a link to register in our membership area where you can download the manual or create branded copies to distribute to clients, subscribers, etc. (Rebrandable version only).


You can make unlimited rebranded copies of the manual for your business and distribute as many copies as you like to your clients, customers, subscribers, etc. for as long as you remain actively subscribed.

This lets you create a personalized WordPress User Manual for every new client you service, and/or create a generic WordPress User Manual branded with your details to include as incentives, bonuses, or gifts when selling your products or services online, flipping WordPress websites, etc.

For more details, visit our product page here: Rebrandable WordPress Manual


The Complete WordPress Step-By-Step User Manual is branded with our logo.

The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual does not include our logo and can be branded with your business details, your website’s URL, and your client’s name.

The rebrandable version is ideal for WordPress website developers or WordPress service providers who want to provide client training branded as their own.

We regularly update all manuals, hence the content is provided as a non-editable PDF.


Yes. The WordPress block editor and new Gutenberg features are covered extensively in the training content.

Both versions of the PDF manual (The Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual and Rebrandable WordPress User Manual) include tutorials covering the main features of the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) and newer features (e.g. Block Widgets).

Additionally, we provide over 40 online tutorials covering how to use every main block in detail, plus a video course on using the Gutenberg editor.

All of this is included in your membership


Yes. You can sell the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual as a training service to your clients.

You can add your business name, your website URL and your client’s name to the rebrandable version.

Note: The manual’s content is not editable. Also, given the large size of the original file, the rebrandable manual is broken down into multiple sections, allowing you to deliver clients everything or only certain sections of the training.

Purchasing the rebrandable option also includes the ability to resell or give your clients access to our growing library of video tutorials (over 2,000 videos), email courses, downloadable WordPress guides, and more.


Yes we do.

You can learn more about our affiliate program and register here:


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