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WordPress User Manual (Rebrandable)

$197.00 / year

If you build WordPress sites or provide WordPress services, use the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual to distribute personalized, branded copies of the WordPress User Manual to your clients and subscribers with your company details, website, and client name. Your purchase also includes access to a complete “hands-free” client training membership and resources with no hidden upsells!

(The rebrandable version of the manual does not include our logo)

  • Format: Brandable PDF
  • Pages: 2,100+ (Multiple Documents)
  • Item ID: WPTM-004R
  • Usage Rights: Business & Personal Use

See the product description section below for more information about this product.

WordPress User Manual (Rebrandable)

(Note: The brandable version of the manual replaces our logo with your business and client name!)

The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual allows you to deliver a branded “hands-free” client training product if you provide WordPress-related services like:

  • Website Building
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing, SEO
  • Web Hosting
  • Consulting, Training
  • Maintenance, Technical Support
  • WordPress Plugins or Themes
  • Selling/Flipping Websites
  • Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Note: If you just want to learn how to use your WordPress site, we recommend downloading The Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual instead.

Complete Hands-Free Client WordPress Training

The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual is a comprehensive and regularly updated set of brandable PDF files that you can use to train your clients on how to use their WordPress site effectively and a complete “hands-free” client training system that includes the following:

  • Unlimited rebranding of The WordPress User Manual – 2,100+ pages (you can create and distribute as many copies as you like, branded with your business and client details.)
  • Unlimited client signups to our WordPress online tutorials (130+ detailed step-by-step tutorials containing thousands of screenshots, fully interlinked, and regularly updated), plus access to downloadable guides and additional resources (templates, checklists, etc.).
  • Unlimited client signups to our WordPress and Digital Business video courses (2,100+ video tutorials, regularly updated).
  • *** BONUS *** –> 9 Video Training Packs (40+ video training modules, with 400+ videos and 40+ hours of lessons!) Download and use these videos on your own website.
  • Unlimited client signups to our Quick Start Training with customizable emails and structured lessons on how to get the most out of the tutorials and training resources, plus comprehensive email courses on Web Content Creation (120+ email lessons) and Advanced WordPress User Tips for non-techies (100+ email lessons). Note: non-members can join our email courses for free but don’t have access to the quick-start training email, lessons, and online tutorials.
  • Comprehensive client training guide and client onboarding emails (customize and add these emails to your client newsletter or autoresponder list and put your clients on auto-pilot training using all the resources provided).

Note: The manual does not cover areas like WordPress installation, configuration, optimization, customization, maintenance, or security. Instead, it refers the client back to you for support and additional services like the above.'s WordPress User/Client Training Program
Provide your clients with the most comprehensive, effective, and regularly updated training for non-technical WordPress users available!

About The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual

Due to the large size of the original file (over 500MB), we have split the manual into several brandable files:

  • Part 1 – Website Administration
  • Part 2 – Using Posts & Pages
  • Part 3a – Content Publishing – Using The Classic Editor
  • Part 3a – Content Publishing Extended – Advanced Tutorials (covers using basic HTML to format content and how to add scripts to WordPress posts and pages).
  • Part 3b – Content Publishing – Using The Block Editor
  • Part 3c – Content Publishing Features (e.g. post excerpts, changing post authors, Quick Edit feature, creating sticky posts, splitting long posts into multiple pages, using autosave and post revisions, and more.)
  • Part 4 – Using Media
  • Part 5a – Additional WordPress Features (e.g. managing comments, managing users, using menus, viewing plugins and themes, how to import and export content, and more.)
  • Part 5b – Using The WordPress Mobile App
  • Part 5c – Using WordPress RSS
  • Part 5d – WordPress and Content Marketing Overview

Although splitting the manual into sections was primarily done to work within the limitations of our PDF branding tool, this allows you to exclude any sections of the manual you may not wish to provide to clients or deliver your training in installments.

What You Can Rebrand

You can create and distribute unlimited branded copies of the WordPress User Manual to your clients, customers, and subscribers with the following personalized details:

  • Your company name
  • Your website address
  • Your client’s business name (optional — leave this blank to create generic branded copies of your training manual)
  • Your video training affiliate ID (for earning referral commissions from video courses – also optional).

WordPress User Manual - Unbranded

(WordPress User Manual – Rebrandable Version)

Here is an example of the rebranded manual’s home page…

WordPress User Manual - Rebranded home page

(WordPress User Manual – Rebranded home page)

And here is an example of a page of the manual with your details included…

Manual pages with your details

(Manual pages with your details)

The manual also lets you add your affiliate ID to links pointing to our video training membership site…

Earn affiliate commissions from sales of recommended video courses

(Earn affiliate commissions from our video courses)

Note: When you purchase the Rebrandable Manual, you will receive access to a special link in your member’s area that you can use to register your clients on our video membership site for free. This allows you to provide your clients with access to our video training library included as part of your service or you can charge clients whatever you like.

The affiliate link to the video training in the manual is optional. When users click on the link inside the manual, a cookie is placed on their web browser with your affiliate ID. If they purchase any video courses up to a year after clicking on a link, you will be credited for the sale. If users purchase the ‘All Access Pass’ membership you will earn recurring commissions for as long as users remain actively subscribed.

Table Of Contents

Check out the Table of Contents from The WordPress User Manual below:

WordPress User Manual Table of Contents

Use The WordPress Manual To…

  • Teach and train your clients how to use their WordPress website or blog more effectively.


  • You can make unlimited copies of the PDF manual and distribute these to all your clients.
  • The manual is available in PDF format only. We do not ship physical products.
  • The tutorials in the manual are non-editable. This allows us to maintain the content regularly up-to-date.

$197.00 / yearPurchase Now

Your purchase of The Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual also includes…

24/7 Access To 130+ Online WordPress Tutorials

Provide your clients with access to the latest, most comprehensive, and most up-to-date version of our WordPress step-by-step tutorials online.

The online tutorials are continually updated and include additional tutorials which are not included in the downloadable (i.e. PDF) version of the WordPress User Manual.

WordPress Tutorials -
Provide your clients with 24/7 access to 125+ detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials.

The online WordPress tutorials:

  • Currently include 130+detailed, step-by-step, and fully illustrated WordPress user tutorials (over 300,000 words and 3,500+ screenshots – see table below)
  • Can be accessed online 24/7 on all devices and web browsers.
  • Are regularly updated.
  • Are fully interlinked.
  • Can be translated into other languages by selecting the language from the dropdown language selector in the footer of this site.
Screenshots of online WordPress Tutorials translated into different languages.
Instantly translate the WordPress tutorials into the language of your choice.

The table below lists all the online WordPress tutorials your clients will have access to:

Below is a list of the online WordPress tutorials members have 24/7 access to. Note: The tutorials are regularly updated and their text can be instantly translated into other languages.

130+ WordPress tutorials (over 300,000 words and 3,500+ screenshots).
Overview50 Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your Business 3,134 9
PlanningHow To Plan Your Website - Part 1 3,545 10
PlanningHow To Plan Your Website - Part 2 2,554 20
PlanningHow To Plan Your Website - Part 3 1,963 14
AdminHow To Log Into WordPress 1,140 8
AdminHow To Log Out Of WordPress 1,485 21
AdminHow To Reset Your WordPress Password 1,441 23
AdminThe WordPress Dashboard 2,581 45
AdminHow To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard98321
AdminHow to Use The WordPress Screen Options Tab4549
ContentWordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages Explained 2,591 21
ContentHow To Create A Post In WordPress - Part 1 3,956 47
ContentHow To Create A Post In WordPress - Part 2 2,802 26
ContentHow To Use WordPress Post Categories 3,802 62
ContentHow To Use WordPress Tags 4,901 77
ContentHow To Edit And Delete WordPress Posts - Part 1 2,324 34
ContentHow To Edit And Delete WordPress Posts - Part 2 2,768 51
ContentHow To Use The WordPress Classic Editor 3,779 58
ContentA Guide To HTML Formatting In WordPress 3,733 36
ContentHow To Create Pages In WordPress 4,161 54
ContentHow To Edit And Delete Pages In WordPress 2,000 42
ContentHow To Link Content In WordPress 3,387 52
ContentHow To Add Code To WordPress Posts & Pages 3,390 50
ContentHow To Add Symbols And Special Characters In WordPress Posts & Pages 1,955 38
PublishingHow To Use The WordPress Quick Edit Feature 1,910 33
PublishingHow To Change Post Authors In WordPress 2,116 39
PublishingHow To Use WordPress Posts Excerpts 2,905 52
PublishingHow To Split Long Posts Into Multiple Pages In WordPress 2,087 44
PublishingHow To Schedule Posts In WordPress 2,878 41
PublishingHow To Make WordPress Posts Sticky 1,100 21
PublishingHow To Protect Your Content In WordPress Posts & Pages 2,954 37
PublishingHow To Clone A WordPress Post Or Page 1,134 17
PublishingHow To Find Page & Post Ids In WordPress 1,675 25
PublishingHow To Use WordPress Autosave And Post Revisions 2,475 46
PublishingWordPress Post Formats Explained 1,323 15
PublishingWordPress Custom Post Types Explained74512
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) 1,639 19
BlocksHow To Use WordPress Gutenberg Blocks 4,296 56
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Content Area 1,640 31
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Editing Toolbar 1,269 33
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Settings Section 4,141 70
BlocksThe WordPress Block Themes1,3009
BlocksThe WordPress Site Editor3,00048
BlocksWordPress Block Patterns88013
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Archives Block80011
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Audio Block 1,969 27
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Button Block 2,218 27
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Categories Block87511
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Classic Block 1,286 22
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Code Block94210
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Columns Block 2,123 34
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Cover Block 3,184 46
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Custom HTML Block92012
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Embed Block 1,278 17
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - File Block 1,757 23
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Gallery Block 2,108 28
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Group Block 1,390 19
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Heading Block 1,491 18
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Image Block 2,943 30
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Latest Comments Block 1,065 14
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Latest Posts Block 1,467 18
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - List Block 1,328 17
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Media Text Block 2,590 28
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - More Block 1,232 15
BlocksWordPress Block Editor - Navigation Block3,75070
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Page Break Block85013
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Paragraph Block 1,540 22
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Preformatted Block 1,080 11
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Pullquote Block 1,130 13
BlocksWordPress Block Editor - Query Loop Block2,00020
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Quote Block 1,180 16
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Reusable Block 2,200 37
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Separator Block 1,025 14
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Shortcode Block72512
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor- Spacer Block81611
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Table Block 1,375 21
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Verse Block 1,045 13
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Video Block 2,640 30
BlocksThe WordPress Block Editor - Keyboard Shortcuts4556
BlocksHelp Tutorial - WordPress Classic vs Block Editor And Widgets2,10028
MediaHow To Use The WordPress Media Library 4,600 61
MediaUsing Images In WordPress 3,085 47
MediaWhere To Find Free & Royalty-Free Images For Your Content 5,900 58
MediaHow To Edit Images In The WordPress Media Library 2,730 42
MediaHow To Add An Image Gallery In WordPress 2,680 59
MediaHow To Add And Format Images In WordPress 2,470 44
MediaHow To Use Featured Images 1,400 27
MediaHow To Add Videos In WordPress 4,015 49
MediaHow To Add Audio Files In WordPress 3,235 53
MediaHow To Add Downloadable Files In WordPress 3,111 14
MenusHow To Use WordPress Menus 3,110 73
PluginsWordPress Plugins Explained 2,350 15
WidgetsWordPress Widgets Explained 1,635 20
WidgetsHow To Use WordPress Widgets - Part 1 2,430 46
WidgetsHow To Use WordPress Widgets - Part 2 4,160 79
WidgetsHow To Use WordPress Widgets - Part 3 1,685 43
ThemesWordPress Themes Explained 2,210 13
ThemesHow To Use The WordPress Theme Customizer 2,400 56
ThemesWhere To Find WordPress Themes 3,455 30
UsersHow To Manage WordPress Users 3,310 59
UsersHow To Manage WordPress Comments 5,360 75
UsersHow To Edit Your User Profile 1,904 20
UsersHow To Use A WordPress Gravatar 1,680 28
ToolsHow To Use The WordPress Tools Menu 1,030 15
ToolsHow To Import and Export WordPress Content 2,200 34
ToolsHow To Manage WordPress User Data Requests 1,020 22
ToolsBeginner's Guide To Using WordPress RSS 4,753 66
SettingsHow To Set A HomePage For Your Website 1,095 10
settingsHow To Create A Blog Page In WordPress81513
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App 1,242 23
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Admin84616
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Posts & Pages 2,236 56
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Media93113
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Comments67111
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Settings 1,186 24
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress 1,960 3
MarketingContent Idea Generation Tools 1,390 35
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Content Writing Tools 3,420 7
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Self Publishing 4,415 24
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Videos 3,550 11
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - eBooks 3,415 24
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - User Generated Content 2,525 13
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Testimonials And User Reviews 2,830 9
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Podcasts 1,730 8
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Rewriting Content 1,510 2
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Rewriting Tools 1,025 5
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Infographics 1,555 7
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Memes & Cartoons 1,345 15
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Using Ready-Made Content9903
MarketingContent Marketing - Using Third-Party Content With WordPress9303
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress - Using Private Label Rights Content 1,890 6

Our tutorials not only explain how to use your WordPress website effectively with in-depth step-by-step detailed instructions and illustrative screenshots, but they also provide practical solutions to issues you may come across when using your site. (Want to see what our tutorials look like? Then check out this one: WordPress Classic Editor vs WordPress Block Editor & Widgets – Help)

2,100+ WordPress & Online Business Video Tutorials

The Rebrandable manual option also includes the option of giving your clients access to a growing library of WordPress and digital business video courses with over 2,100+ self-paced video tutorials that we host and fully maintain for you.

WordPress and Digital Business Video Courses.
Give your clients access to dozens of WordPress and digital business video courses…includes over 2,000+ video tutorials!

As a member, you get a special reseller code that allows you to set up access for your clients at no cost. You can sell the video training membership separately or include it as part of your services.

*** BONUS *** 9 x Downloadable Video Training Packs

Thanks to an extended reseller licensing agreement with one of our video content suppliers, we also include 400+ downloadable videos (40+ hours of lessons!) from the above video library with your membership.

We have bundled these videos into 9 downloadable themed video training packs. We sell these training packs separately, but as we do not create or update these videos ourselves, we have decided to include all 9 video training packs as a special member bonus.

Download and use all the videos from the video training packs below on your own website (video packs can be downloaded from your member’s area).

Sell More WordPress Services - WordPress Training Videos

Sell More WordPress Services – Video Training Pack

Use these videos to sell more WordPress services and grow your WordPress business. Videos: 47 | Duration: 6 hrs 30 mins | Product ID: WPTV-0001 See the product ...
Learn More
WordPress Client Training Videos

WordPress Client Training Videos – Video Training Pack

Use these videos to train your clients to use their WordPress sites. Videos: 28 | Duration: 2 hr 15 mins | Product ID: WPTV-0002 See the product description ...
Learn More
WordPress Website Setup And Configuration - WordPress Training Videos

WordPress Website Setup And Configuration – Video Training Pack

These videos explain how to install, set up, and configure a WordPress site. Videos: 61 | Duration: 4 hrs 30 mins | Product ID: WPTV-0003 See the ...
Learn More
WordPress Security - WordPress Training Videos

WordPress Security – Video Training Pack

These videos explain how to secure and protect WordPress sites. Videos: 16 | Duration: 1 hr 40 mins | Product ID: WPTV-0004 See the product description below for ...
Learn More
WordPress SEO - WordPress Training Videos

WordPress SEO – Video Training Pack

These videos explain how to improve SEO on WordPress sites. Videos: 14 | Duration: 1 hr 20 mins | Product ID: WPTV-0005 See the product description below for ...
Learn More
WordPress Maintenance - WordPress Training Videos

WordPress Maintenance – Video Training Pack

These videos explain how to maintain and update WordPress sites. Videos: 13 | Duration: 50 mins | Product ID: WPTV-0006 See the product description below for a list ...
Learn More
WordPress Optimization - WordPress Training Videos

WordPress Optimization – Video Training Pack

These videos explain how to optimize WordPress sites for delivering faster loading pages and web content to visitors. Videos: 12 | Duration: 1 hr 15 mins ...
Learn More
Web Traffic, Engagement And Conversions - WordPress Training Videos

More Web Traffic, Engagement, And Conversions – Video Training Pack

Use these videos to teach your clients effective strategies to drive more traffic to their websites, increase user engagement, and improve their conversions. Videos: 131 ...
Learn More
WordPress Development - WordPress Training Videos

WordPress Development – Video Training Pack

These videos cover various aspects of WordPress development and customizing WordPress sites. Videos: 77 | Duration: 6 hrs 30 mins | Product ID: WPTV-0009 See the product description ...
Learn More

Note: you cannot resell these videos. They are for your own personal/business use only. For more details about your usage rights for these videos, see our FAQs section.

Email Courses

Our comprehensive email courses allow you to provide “hands-free” client training. - Email training courses
Provide clients with “hands-free” client training using our email training courses.

Our email courses include:

  • WordPress Training Quick Start – When your clients sign up as a member and subscribe to receive product update notifications, we include a “quick-start” series of training emails to help onboard them and get them started. These emails provide a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of our training tools and resources.
  • Infinite Web Content Creation – This 120+ lesson course will teach your clients how to keep coming up with endless content ideas for their WordPress website, blog, or newsletter.
  • 101+ WordPress Tips – This course provides your clients with 101+ tips for boosting traffic, getting more leads & making more sales using WordPress!

Downloadable Guides (PDF)

Our comprehensive guides cover useful WordPress and digital business-related topics like website planning, web security, setting up an eCommerce or membership site, and more.

The guides are designed to help you sell additional services by helping users expand their understanding of what is possible to achieve with WordPress.

Downloadable WordPress Guides
Use our comprehensive guides to grow your business online.

Clients can download these guides from our Guides section.

Additional Resources

Provide your clients with access to downloadable checklists, templates, flowcharts, and other useful resources in the Additional Resources section. - Additional Resources
Additional resources include downloadable checklists, templates, etc.

Help Your Clients Get Better Results From Their WordPress Website Today provides everything you need to help your clients get the most out of using their WordPress site.

We have invested years into creating the best WordPress training resources for non-technical users available and developing systems to overcome the many challenges of keeping WordPress training content up to date.

If you build WordPress websites or provide WordPress-related services and need to train your clients to use their sites effectively, purchase your membership to the Rebrandable Manual training option below and start focusing more time on growing your business by providing your clients with “hands-free” WordPress training.

Important Product Information

  • Your active membership subscription includes regular updates and unlimited rebrands and distribution of the WordPress User Manual.
  • Everything described on this page can be accessed immediately from your member’s area after purchase and registration.
  • You can cancel your annual subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription, you may keep and continue distributing all existing copies you have created, however, you will no longer have access to the rebranding tool or updates to the manual.
  • We offer a 30-day 100% no-risk, money-back, satisfaction guarantee on this product.
  • You can purchase this product confidently using our secure online payment processors – we do not store your credit card details.

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