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"Learning WordPress has been a huge stumbling block for me. I've been looking for something that covers absolutely everything but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Thank you so much ... you have just provided me with what I have been looking for! Truly appreciated!" - Tanya
Create Your Own Custom WordPress Client Training - WPTrainingManual.com
Create your own custom WordPress client training with our editable, expertly-written & 100% done-for-you WordPress white label content.

Attention: WordPress Service Providers …

If you provide WordPress-related web or digital services, then you know just how challenging and time-consuming it can be to train and support your clients.

This is where our editable, done-for-you, expertly-written WordPress client training solution can save you considerable time and money and free up your business to service more clients and run a more profitable business.

Learn More About Our Editable ‘Done-For-You’ WordPress Client Training Solution (Elite Membership)

Keep reading below if your business provides any of the following services:

  • WordPress Website Development
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Digital Marketing, SEO
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress Consulting, Training
  • WordPress Maintenance, Technical Support
  • WordPress Plugins or Themes
  • Selling/Flipping Websites
  • Affiliate Marketing, etc.

We offer a truly unique solution that will help:

  • Boost your profits,
  • Increase the value of your services,
  • Save you considerable time providing training support to clients.

Training New WordPress Users Is Very Time-Consuming!

Training Clients Is Time-Consuming!
Training Clients Is Time-Consuming!

If you sell WordPress-related web or digital services to businesses and non-technical users, expect your clients or customers to call you up frequently with questions about using WordPress.

This means stopping what you’re doing and taking time away from what you are currently focusing on to answer their questions and help your clients out.

Unless your business model is so well thought out that you actually make money every time you get interrupted by clients who need help, there are probably more profitable activities you could be spending your time on, like finding and servicing new clients, working on new projects, etc.

Not only is providing training to clients time-consuming, but if you’re expected to train and teach clients how to use WordPress, this can also become very challenging.

Is Training Clients The Most Profitable Part Of Your Business?

Managing training information ... meh!
Managing training information? Meh!

If you provide a WordPress service like website development, the area of your business that most likely makes money is building and maintaining websites, not training clients to use their sites. 

Training clients, however is a necessary responsibility. But training clients takes a lot of time and requires documented step-by-step training like written and video tutorials, guides, checklists, handouts, and additional resources and materials.

WordPress is always changing, so keeping any kind of training documentation up-to-date is really difficult.

If you provide clients with WordPress training in the form of PDF tutorials or video lessons, for example, what do you do when your PDF training guide or videos contain outdated or obsolete information?

This creates challenges, like:

  • How do you keep the information in your training materials up-to-date?
  • How do you track and manage all these changes?
  • How often are you reviewing and updating your training content?
  • How are you distributing updated information to existing clients?
  • What do you do when clients ask for information that’s not covered in your training?

Keeping training documentation about WordPress up-to-date is extremely complex, challenging, and very time-consuming!

Training Clients To Use Their WordPress Sites Is Not Easy

Let’s say that you find a new client and build them an amazing website.

Now your client has this amazing website … but can they really use it to get the results they want?

Probably not.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see WordPress being promoted as being very easy to use. To a non-technical website owner, however, WordPress is not easy to use and training someone to use WordPress is also not easy.

The very thing that makes WordPress the most powerful, flexible, and scalable platform in the world for building all kinds of websites and running all types of businesses online is also what makes training and teaching people how to use WordPress so time-consuming and challenging.

For example, take writing an effective post in WordPress. If you want to help your clients get the best possible results from their new website, here’s what you will need to teach them …

This is what you need to know to write an effective post in WordPress … seriously!

WordPress has so many features, functions, options, settings, buttons, add-ons, and possibilities that most users are stuck before they even begin.

Usually when this happens, they’ll call you, and next thing you know, you’re also stuck explaining things like plugins, widgets, blocks, themes, shortcodes, menus, media library, custom posts, sticky posts, post revisions, featured images, WYSIWYG, differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.orgGutenberg vs Classiccategories vs tags, pingbacks vs trackbacks, http vs httpsFTP, cPanelRSS, why WordPress greets users with ‘Howdy,‘ and a thousand other “just one more question” questions.

Ask yourself this …

  • Is your business currently providing clients with the highest level of training when it comes to empowering them to use their WordPress sites?
  • How can you free up more time and resources in your business to focus on profitable activities like winning new clients, getting more work done in less time, and delivering more value and new services to existing clients?
  • Can your business really afford to spend valuable time and resources making updates to your current training every time WordPress makes a significant change or introduces a new feature?
  • Can you really afford to waste hours of your business holding clients’ hands every time they have a question?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a completely done-for-you, detailed, step-by-step WordPress User Training Solution with everything your clients need to know that you can simply refer them to whenever they have questions or need help using their WordPress website? 

Now There Is A Solution!

Introducing …

“A 100% Done-For-You WordPress White Label Client Training Solution”

WordPress client training system from WPTrainingManual.com

Save time and money with our complete WordPress white label client training solution… step-by-step, expertly-written, and completely done-for-you!

Our complete WordPress client training solution includes the following:

  • A Rebrandable WordPress User Manual (can be purchased separately) – This comprehensive and fully documented 500+ page downloadable and rebrandable WordPress user manual includes hundreds of detailed step-by-step instructions, checklists, cheatsheets, tables and flowcharts for non-technical users covering everything your clients will need to know to use a WordPress website or blog effectively. Learn more about the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual.
  • An Elite Membership service for website developers who want access to expertly-written premium quality done-for-you client training content with white label source documentation that can be fully edited, customized and branded to suit your needs. The Elite Membership includes the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual, 120+ detailed WordPress step-by-step written tutorials with screenshots, 200+ client training emails, reseller access to video training membership site, lead generation guides, and so much more. For full details, go here: Elite Membership 

Web & Digital Service Providers – Your Options

Choose from the options below:

Rebrandable WordPress User Manual

  • 500+ page Rebrandable WordPress User Manual.

Choose this option for a WordPress training manual that you can rebrand with your company details and/or your clients’ business name.

More Information

Elite Membership – WordPress White Label Client Training Solution

  • 500+ page Rebrandable WordPress User Manual.
  • Manual source documentation (fully editable).
  • 120+ Detailed WordPress written & screenshot tutorials (fully editable).
  • Reseller access to 1,900+ video tutorials.
  • 200+ Client training emails (fully editable).
  • Customizable guides, plus additional lead generation and training resources.
  • Regular updates & member support.

Choose this option for a complete, customizable, 100% done-for-you WordPress client training solution with white label content.

More Information

"This is an awesome training series. I have a pretty good understanding of WordPress already, but this is helping me to move somewhere from intermediate to advanced user!" - Kim Lednum


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