“Boost The Value Of Your Services, Gain A Unique Competitive Edge & Save Time Training Clients To Use WordPress!”

Teach your clients how to use WordPress with 500+ pages of searchable, printable & detailed WordPress step-by-step documentation!

(Teach your clients how to use WordPress with 500+ pages of searchable, printable & detailed WordPress step-by-step documentation!)

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Attention: WordPress Service Providers …

Do you provide web or digital services related to WordPress?

For example:

  • Website development
  • Web design
  • Digital marketing, SEO
  • Web hosting
  • Consulting, training
  • Maintenance, technical support
  • WordPress plugins or themes
  • Selling/flipping websites
  • Affiliate marketing, etc.

If you do, then please invest just a few minutes of your time reading this page, as we offer a truly unique solution that will make a huge difference to your business by:

  • Increasing your profits,
  • Boosting the value of your services,
  • Saving considerable time providing training and client support.

Training & Supporting WordPress Users Is Time-Consuming!

Training Clients Is Time-Consuming!

Training Clients Is Time-Consuming!

If you sell WordPress-related web or digital services to businesses and non-technical users, expect your clients or customers to call you up frequently with questions about using WordPress.

This means stopping what you’re doing and taking time away from what you are currently focusing on to answer their questions and help your clients out.

Unless your business model is so well thought out that you actually make money every time you get interrupted by clients who need help, there are probably more profitable activities you could be spending your time on, like finding and servicing new clients, working on new projects, etc.

Not only is providing training to clients time-consuming, but if you’re expected to train and teach clients how to use WordPress, this can also become very challenging.

WordPress is constantly changing, so keeping any kind of training documentation up-to-date is difficult.

Managing training information ... meh!

Managing training information … meh!

If you provide clients with WordPress training in the form of PDF tutorials or video lessons, for example, what do you do when:

  • Your training resources have outdated or obsolete information?
  • How do you keep the information in your training up-to-date?
  • How are you tracking and managing changes and updates?
  • How often do you review and update your training content?
  • How do you distribute updates to previous clients?
  • What do you do if clients want to learn about something not covered in your training?

Keeping training documentation up-to-date is challenging, complex, difficult, and very time-consuming!

The Strength Of WordPress Is Also Its Weakness

The very things that make WordPress the most powerful platform for building and running all kinds of websites and businesses online also makes the process of training, teaching, explaining, and showing people how to use WordPress so challenging, difficult, and time-consuming.

WordPress has so many features, functions, options, settings, buttons, add-ons, and possibilities that most users simply can’t help but get stuck along the way.

When this happens, they’ll call you, and next thing you know, you’re also stuck on the phone explaining plugins, widgets, blocks, themes, shortcodes, menus, media library, custom posts, sticky posts, post revisions, featured images, WYSIWYG, differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.orgGutenberg vs Classiccategories vs tags, pingbacks vs trackbacks, http vs httpsFTP, cPanelRSS, why WordPress greets users with ‘Howdy,‘ etc.

Ask yourself this …

  • How can you provide the highest level of service when educating, teaching, training, and empowering new WordPress users so that they will only come back to you when your services are really needed?
  • How can you free up your time from  non-income generating activities to focus on getting more work completed on time, pursuing more profitable activities, and delivering more value to clients?
  • Do you really want to spend valuable time updating training documentation every time WordPress makes a significant change and wasting hours going over the same things with clients that you’ve already covered in your training?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just provide your clients with a complete, detailed, step-by-step WordPress user manual that has everything they need to know and then simply refer them to it whenever they’re stuck, have a question, or need help using their WordPress website? 

Now There Is A Solution!

Introducing …

“The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual”

Rebrandable WordPress User Manual

(The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual)

Use the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual to distribute branded and personalized copies of the manual to your clients, subscribers, etc. with your company name, website address, your client’s business name (don’t include this to create generic branded copies of the manual) and an affiliate ID (for earning referral commissions from video courses – optional).

This comprehensive and fully documented 500+ page downloadable manual includes hundreds of detailed step-by-step searchable and printable checklists, cheatsheets, tables and flowcharts covering everything users need to know to use a WordPress website or blog effectively.

Rebrand The WordPress User Manual Add Your Details To All Manual Pages
WordPress User Manual - Rebrandable WordPress User Manual - Rebrandable
Sample WordPress User Manual (home page) Sample WordPress User Manual page

Each chapter includes a ‘resources’ section containing links to detailed written and video tutorials if users need additional help or information.

Rebrandable WordPress User Manual!

An additional feature of the rebrandable manual allows you to add your affiliate ID to all links in the ‘Resources’ sections of the manual referencing video courses …

All links to video courses in the manual include your WPMasterclasses.com affiliate ID

(All links to video courses in the manual include your WPMasterclasses.com affiliate ID)

Clicking on video links in the manual takes users to the video course information page and places a cookie on their web browser with your affiliate ID. If users purchase any video courses on the site up to a year after clicking on the link in the manual, you will be credited for the sale. (Note: if users purchase the ‘All Access Pass’ membership you will earn recurring comissions for as long as users remain subscribed).

Train Your Clients More Easily …

Some of the benefits of using the rebrandable WordPress User Manual to train your clients include:

  • 100% Done For You – Years of work have gone into creating the content included in the manual. Every feature, option, and setting your clients need to know to use their WordPress site effectively is laid out step-by-step in logical sequence over 500+ pages. We’ve just saved you years of work!
  • Completely Documented – We guarantee you will not find a more comprehensive step-by-step WordPress training resource that is as well-organized or that contains as much detailed information as this ‘done-for-you’ WordPress User Manual.
  • We Keep All Documentation Up-To-Date – Our document management system allows us to keep all the manual’s content up-to-date. We will regularly update the training documentation so you can just focus on growing your business and selling more WordPress services.
  • Leverage Your Time – Train your clients to consult the manual first and empower them to find the answers themselves. When clients call you with questions about using WordPress, simply ask them to bring up the manual on their screen, then point them to the relevant section (tip: use the clickable table of contents). You can then go over every step of the process with them without leaving your desk. If clients need additional help or information, simply refer them to the links in the ‘resources’ section for detailed screenshot tutorials and video tutorials.
  • Downloadable & Printable Sections – Customers can download the manual to their hard drives and print any section they want and keep these in a binder for handy reference. (Printed documentation also carries your branding).

The Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual - Everything You Need To Know To Use Your WordPress Site!

Note: Resources included in the manual link to training websites that we manage, allowing us to keep the information regularly up-to-date.

If you provide WordPress-related services, save time training clients to use their WordPress site using The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual!

Use The Rebrandable Manual To Grow Your Business:

  • Brand Your Services – Provide your clients, customers, and subscribers with a comprehensive, personalized and branded WordPress User Manual. Every copy you distribute will have your company name and website address on all pages!
  • Drive Up Your Profits – The WordPress training manual can be included as part of your services to raise the price or increase the value of your existing services, or included as an upgrade or upsell to existing customers. If you divide the cost of the manual (peanuts) by the amount of rebrandable copies you can make (unlimited) and multiply this by the number of branded copies you can distribute (unlimited), you will see that this surely has to be the best investment you will ever make to drive up your profits and increase your bottom line.
  • Drive Up Your Profits Even Further – Offer the manual as a bonus for subscribing to your list, include it as a buyer bonus when selling or flipping websites, package it with premium WordPress plugins, themes, web hosting services, affiliate bonuses, etc. Additionally, add your affiliate ID to the manual and earn additional revenue when users purchase access to video courses listed in the resources sections of the manual.
  • Gain An Instant Competitive Advantage – Compare your current client training documentation with what businesses selling similar services are offering to their clients. Now, replace your training documentation with our WordPress User Manual and compare again. There is simply no comparison. Use the WordPress User Manual to save time, gain an instant competitive advantage, and get more clients to choose your services.

Additionally …

“WordPress User Manual – Document Sections”

We also offer a bundled package that includes:

  • The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual that you can use to distribute personalized, branded copies of the manual to your clients, subscribers, etc. with your company details, website, client name (and affiliate ID for video courses), plus
  • All Manual Document Sections as separate downloadable PDF files that you can use to compile your own custom client training manual or WordPress user documentation. Note: individual document sections do not include our logo (blank header). Footers include document ID and versions for document management purposes).

Use The Manual’s Document Sections To:

  • Create A Custom WordPress Training Manual – If you don’t want to provide the entire 500+ page manual to clients, just include the sections of the manual you want in your training.
  • Deliver WordPress Training By Installments – You can deliver training sections in installments to clients or subscribers (e.g. weekly or monthly).

In Summary …

The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual / Manual & Document Sections:

  • Rebrandable version of the manual (unlimited rebrands & unlimited distribution)
  • All Manual Document Sections provided as separate PDF files (WordPress User Manual & Document Sections option only)
  • 500+ pages of searchable and printable WordPress user documentation.
  • Provides quick access to comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date information.
  • Teaches non-techies how to use a WordPress website effectively.
  • Provides links to detailed screenshot and video tutorials for additional help or information.
  • We keep all documentation regularly up-to-date.

Web & Digital Service Providers – Your Options

Choose from the options below:

Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual

  • 500+ page WordPress User Manual.
  • Choose this option to download the complete manual as a searchable and printable PDF file.
  • $127.00 $67.00Add to cart

WordPress User Manual (Rebrandable)

  • 500+ page WordPress User Manual (rebrandable)
  • Choose this option if you provide digital services and want to rebrand the manual with your company details and client’s name.
  • $157.00 $97.00 / yearPurchase Now

WordPress User Manual (Rebrandable) & Manual Sections

  • 500+ page WordPress User Manual (rebrandable) and all manual sections as separate PDF documents.
  • Choose this option if you provide digital services and want to offer clients customized WordPress training or rebrand the manual with your company details and client’s name.
  • $297.00 $197.00 / yearRead more

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