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5 Ways To Profit With WordPress Client Training From

Here are five ways to profit with’s WordPress client training products if you provide WordPress-related services.

"These tutorials have so much information and are easy to understand. If you use WordPress or plan to in the future these will help you with everything you need to know." - Valisa (Mesa, Arizona)

Do you build websites with WordPress or develop WordPress plugins or themes? Are you planning to start your own WordPress business or sell/resell web services?

As an active Rebrandable WordPress User Manual member, you get access to the following:

  • Unlimited rebranding of the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual – you can create and distribute as many copies as you like, branded with your business and client details.
  • Unlimited client signups to our online WordPress tutorials (130+ detailed step-by-step tutorials containing thousands of screenshots, fully interlinked, and regularly updated).
  • Unlimited client signups to our WordPress and Digital Business video courses (2,000+ video tutorials, regularly updated).
  • 9 WordPress Video Training Packs (40+ video training modules, with 400+ videos and 40+ hours of lessons!) Download and use these videos on your own website.
  • Unlimited client signups to our comprehensive email courses on how to get the most out of the tutorials, plus courses on Web Content Creation (120+ email lessons) and Advanced WordPress User Tips (100+ email lessons).
  • Our client training guide and customizable client onboarding emails (customize and add these emails to your client newsletter or autoresponder list and put your clients on auto-pilot training using all of the resources we provide).

This article explains at least five ways to increase your revenue and boost your profits with’s Rebrandable WordPress User Manual client training package.

The methods covered in this article, include:

  1. Boost The Value Of Your Existing WordPress Services
  2. Provide WordPress Training As An Additional Service
  3. Sell Access To Our WordPress & Digital Business Video Training Membership Site
  4. Promote Our Products As An Affiliate
  5. Start Your Own WordPress Training Business

WordPress hero1. Boost The Value Of Your Existing WordPress Services

If you currently sell WordPress services like website building, web maintenance/support services, hosting reselling, etc., helps you instantly boost the value of your existing services by providing your clients with “hands-free” training.

You can boost your profits with this method by either choosing to:

2. WordPress ConsultingProvide WordPress Training As An Additional Service

We provide the most comprehensive, detailed, regularly updated, and step-by-step WordPress user training products available. As stated above, our Rebrandable WordPress User Manual client training package currently lets you train unlimited clients for a very low annual subscription fee.

You can boost your profits with this method by offering the most comprehensive WordPress user training available to your clients as an additional option and charging whatever price you like.

3. WordPress Video TrainingSell Access To Our WordPress & Digital Business Video Training Membership Site

As stated above, your Rebrandable WordPress User Manual membership gives you unlimited reseller access to our WordPress and Digital Business video courses (2,000+ video tutorials, regularly updated).

We host and maintain all videos on this site, so there’s nothing for you to do other than give your clients access.

Basically, here’s how it works:

  1. Inside your member’s area, you will find a special code that lets you sign up unlimited users to our WordPress video training membership site at “0” cost to you.
  2. This lets you sign up your clients at no cost and charge them a membership fee that you set. Note: We currently charge between USD$67-97 p/yr for the All Access Pass Membership (users get unlimited access to all video courses in our growing video library). You can charge your clients the same or offer them a slight discount…it’s all profit to you!

4. WordPress AffiliatesPromote Our Products As An Affiliate

If you just want to promote us as an affiliate, no problems! We offer affiliate programs for both sites and pay you generous commissions for referring new members.

For more details and to sign up as an affiliate, go here:

5. WordPress eLearningStart Your Own WordPress Training Business

Are you looking for a new business opportunity or a career change?

Then why not consider starting a WordPress training and consulting business?

You would be helping other businesses improve their results by teaching them how to use their WordPress sites more effectively, showing them how to publish and manage content on their sites, helping them set up a content marketing plan, etc.

Running a WordPress training business offers the following benefits:

WordPress Is A Growing Industry

WordPress is the world’s leading CMS website-building platform, powering over 40% of the world’s CMS websites.

As we argue in another article, training non-technical WordPress end-users is vitally important for the sustainability of the WordPress economy. WordPress is a growing industry that needs empowered end-users to remain sustainable and we provide all you need to start a WordPress training and consulting business.

WordPress Training Lets You Work Remotely From Anywhere

The Covid pandemic has forever changed the world. While many traditional businesses have closed down, eCommerce businesses have thrived on a global scale. Companies now meet and do business via Zoom, and eLearning is on track to become a trillion-dollar industry in the next 5 years.

WordPress training combines the best of all these trends:

  • eCommerce – More people are now looking to start businesses online and WordPress is the leading platform of choice they’re turning to. Anyone starting an online business that is built on the WordPress platform needs basic training on how to use their WordPress websites effectively. You can provide them with this training.
  • Online Meetings – All you need to grow a global WordPress training business online is a Zoom account and the content that we provide. Learn more here
  • eLearning – WordPress training is an entirely digital eLearning product/service. This means no warehousing of products, physical shipping costs, or overheads. We not only provide you with a downloadable and distributable rebrandable WordPress User manual that you can customize with your and your client’s business details (with unlimited rebrands for unlimited clients), we also provide you with more than 130 detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials that you can download as a PDF, email, or print to create your own custom WordPress training program, and unlimited reseller access to a video training membership site with a growing video library of 2,000+ video lessons, plus comprehensive done-for-you email courses, guides, and additional resources.

You can start a WordPress training business and work remotely from anywhere…starting today! All you need to do is to sign up as a Rebrandable WordPress User Manual member.

WordPress Training Gives You A Unique Competitive Business Advantage

Fact: Most businesses running on WordPress websites are given little to no training, or poor training that leaves them feeling disempowered.

We know this from many years of experience working with all kinds of businesses, as we discuss in our articles on the challenges that most WordPress end-users face when learning WordPress and the challenges that web service providers face when training end-users to use WordPress.

Contact any business with a WordPress website and you will find that most of them have very little to no understanding of how to use their websites effectively. Most of them are entirely dependent on their service providers for getting just about everything done…from publishing SEO-optimized content on their site, to fixing up basic typos and making simple formatting changes.

Providing WordPress training that truly empowers users to take control of their web presence, then, is a blue sky opportunity with unlimited growth potential. Provides Everything You Need To Profit From WordPress User/Client Training

As you can see, there are many ways to profit from providing non-technical WordPress end-users with WordPress training. provides everything you need to start a WordPress training business today. Check it out.


"Learning WordPress has been a huge stumbling block for me. I've been looking for something that covers absolutely everything but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Thank you so much ... you have just provided me with what I have been looking for! Truly appreciated!" - Tanya

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