Set Your WordPress Business Apart From The Competition With These 10 Magic Words

10 Magic Words That Will Set Your WordPress Business Apart From Your Competition

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How will you stand out from your competition?

Learn how to make your WordPress business stand out from the competition to win (and keep) more clients using 10 simple magic words!

Do you provide WordPress services like website building, web development, or web design? If so, then you know how tough it is to win and keep clients.

The web services industry is not only very competitive, it is also global, which means that your competition is everywhere.

Search Google for “WordPress web developer near me” and you’ll get an idea of how many other web developers are competing for new your potential clients.

WordPress developers are not just competing for local businesses in your area on search engines, they are aggressively targeting clients everywhere using online ads, social media, video marketing, content marketing, networking groups, community boards, billboards, roadside banners, postcards, cold calling, unsolicited emails, etc.

Unsolicited WordPress website services email.
Are you competing for clients on a wing and a prayer?

So…what makes you different from the competition?

Why should any business looking to get a website built choose your services and not someone else’s?

How can you stand out from the competition and win more clients?

What unique advantage do you have against more established competitors with greater reach and visibility, bigger marketing budgets, impressive client portfolios, dedicated sales teams, etc.?

Are you competing on technical skills, experience, knowledge, and qualifications?

Most websites are built for businesses run by non-techie end-users.

Most users don’t care if their website runs on PHP or JavaScript. They just want a site that will help their business get better results.

While having technical skills, experience, knowledge, and qualifications are important to run a web services business, from your potential client’s perspective, it’s not a competitive advantage. Almost every other WordPress web developer you’re competing against has these skills too!

Are you competing on price?

The marketplace is filled with web developers offering cheap websites. If you’re trying to win clients by selling your services cheaply, then you’re up against very stiff competition.

Cheap Websites
Many WordPress website building services compete on price.

Many of your competitors are prepared to charge so little to win new business, you have to wonder how they can even afford to stay in business.

Cheap websites - roadside banner
How low will you go to win new business?

Charging cheaper prices for your services, therefore, is simply not unique enough to make you stand out from your competition.

Are you competing on quality of service?

Most web developers genuinely care about their clients and strive to make them happy.

Providing a consistently high level of quality, exceeding customer expectations, and ensuring client satisfaction, however, has very little to do with caring about your clients.

Without the leverage of systems and resources, your business simply cannot grow beyond servicing a very small number of clients. If you try, you’ll find yourself overstretched. Things will soon start falling through the cracks and the quality of your services will quickly deteriorate.

Whether you are a freelance web developer, a small web services business, or an exclusive digital agency targeting high-end clientele, competing on quality of service requires the ability to provide a consistently high level of care and attention to every client you service. This requires a tremendous amount of time, effort, resources, document systems, etc.

“If skills, pricing, and quality of service are not enough to compete successfully with other WordPress providers, how can you win and keep new clients? What unique benefit or advantage can you provide to clients that your competitors aren’t already offering?”

While you may love building sites with WordPress, your business needs a truly unique competitive advantage and a continuation strategy to stay in business.

Without these, you will struggle to win and keep clients and miss out on many opportunities to grow a solid, profitable, and successful web services business.

Think about what happens to your clients after you’ve built them a really nice website and all of the additional services you can upsell them if they remain your clients.

Everything from hosting, support, installations, maintenance, security, performance improvements, and custom development work, to digital marketing, SEO, website makeovers, building additional sites, etc. plus getting endless new referrals.

What if there was a simple way to:

  • Make your WordPress business truly unique by offering potential clients something that most of your competition simply cannot offer?
  • Win clients by making them “fall in love at first sight” with your services?
  • Easily turn them into loyal clients who will refuse to go elsewhere?
  • Automatically upsell clients additional services without even trying?

Add These 10 Words To Your Pitch And Watch Your WordPress Business Magically Grow…

Sales presentation
10 magic words can win you new clients for life!

Imagine that you have just delivered a great pitch about your services to a prospective client.

You’ve listened attentively as they describe their business challenges and what they want from their website.

You’ve shown them proof of your skills, experience, knowledge, and qualifications and reassured them of your competence with an impressive portfolio of other work you’ve done for previous clients.

You’ve shown them case studies and testimonials from happy clients praising your services.

You’ve guaranteed them that you will build and deliver them a professional, high-quality website that will meet their needs on time and on budget.

You’ve gleaned how much they are willing to spend and quoted them very reasonable prices for your services that meet their budget.

You’ve done your very best to win their business.

Now, you’re sitting there quietly, waiting for your prospective clients to make a decision.

Your prospects look at each other, then turn to you with a smile and say “thank you…we’ll think about it!”

And then they leave.

Okay…it happens! Hopefully, they will get back to you and say “yes.”

Now…imagine giving exactly the same presentation as above, but this time, you add the following words before you stop talking and wait for your prospective clients to make a decision:

“…and we will fully train you to use your website!”

Hang on a moment, you say…our service also includes training clients on how to use their new website!


Do you fully train your clients to use their WordPress website effectively?

Does your WordPress training truly empower clients to get better results in their business using their website?

Or, do you do what most web developers do and provide new users with a general 1-2 hr overview of WordPress that only leaves them feeling confused and overwhelmed?

Do your training resources consist of a bunch of videos that have no logical sequence and a flimsy “quick-start” PDF guide put together over a weekend or two containing outdated information and lots of missing steps?

Most WordPress client training resources are an afterthought of the sales process!

Creating and maintaining an up-to-date WordPress client training program for non-technical users that teaches them step-by-step how to use their website effectively and that fully empowers them to get better results in their business is difficult, complex, and time-consuming.

Most web developers simply don’t have the time or the resources to invest into building an effective WordPress training system for their clients.

Consequently, what most clients get is an afterthought of the developer’s sales process. A “feel-good” session when they are handed their brand new website.

Most new website owners are handed a powerful digital vehicle that can take them anywhere they want to go, but not the keys to drive it!

What “…and we will fully train you to use your website!” looks like

Let me show you exactly what I mean by “…and we will fully train you to use your website!”

As stated earlier, most businesses get websites built because they want to get better results.

So…let’s give them what they want and help them get better results!

Let’s start by putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes and imagining the experience of a user being fully trained to use their website.

First, here is the end-user experience you DO NOT want to give your clients…

Imagine that you receive the following testimonial from a new client:

“We hired [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME] to build our website. The website is great…it looks really professional and was delivered on time and on budget. We also loved working with our developers. They were extremely attentive to our needs and listened very carefully to our every request. Overall, we’re really happy with our new website!

Where we feel that things fell short, however, was after our website was built. Our package included a 2-hour 1-on-1 training session, so we arranged a time to meet where we were given the access details to our new website and shown how to use it.

The session was very informative and covered a lot of stuff. When we were shown how to do some basic stuff like adding content to our site, however, there were so many features, buttons, settings, and options on the screen that our heads began to spin after only about half an hour. Every question we asked raised many more questions.

Even though the trainer was very patient and knowledgeable, everything just became confusing and overwhelming after this.  We were told not to worry because everything is supposedly really easy to use. We were then left with a “Quick Start” PDF guide and a link to a bunch of videos that were supposed to explain ‘step-by-step’ everything we need to know to use our new website.

The guide, however, doesn’t show how to do things step-by-step. It doesn’t cover what every button, setting, option, and feature, and what these do. Some of the screenshots didn’t even match what we were looking at on our screen.

Unfortunately, we are very busy and have had no time to sit through all those videos looking for specific information whenever we need to get things done.

The web developers are great and we know we can call or email them anytime we need help, but they’re just a small agency with other clients to look after, so by the time they get back to us, we’re already dealing with other challenges, our minds are on something else, and things just seem to get left behind. The agency has offered to look after everything we need done for an additional fee, but I don’t think they really have the resources to do this and right now we don’t have the budget for it.

While our website looks great and we’re really happy with it, we simply don’t have the time, the money, or the resources right now to figure out how to get the most out of using it…maybe we’ll do it later when our business improves…or maybe we’ll find someone down the track who knows all this stuff already!”

Now…here is the end-user experience that you DO want to create for your clients – this will set you completely apart from all your competitors:

“We hired [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME] to build our website. The website is great…it’s very professional-looking, was delivered on time and on budget, and the developer we worked with was really helpful, friendly, attentive, and very knowledgeable. We’re really happy with our new website!

Our package included full training on how to use our website, so we arranged a time to meet and learn how to use it.

We didn’t even have to meet in person. Our first training session was conveniently scheduled to run via online conferencing and screen sharing. We were also reassured that we were not going to be left feeling overwhelmed or confused by too much information. Our trainer also explained that all we needed was half an hour to understand how the training method worked and to get things set up. 

After scheduling and confirming our initial online training session, we then received an email with a download link to a massive 500+ page WordPress User Manual and instructions on how to download it. We were impressed that every page of the manual was personalized with the name of our business.

The email also informed us that this manual was just a small part of the training we would receive and that the PDF file was to be used as a source of reference only. The email also reassured us that everything was going to be explained during our training session and that everyone in our team was invited to log in and sit in on the training so we could all learn how to use our website effectively to grow our business. 

We got everyone to log in and sit in on the training, including a newly hired person who was fresh out of school and very excited to be given the job of running our website.

The training we received did not disappoint! In the first 15 minutes, we were given a tour of the entire training system so we could understand how everything worked.

First, they brought up on the screen the same WordPress User Manual that we received and we were shown how the manual was divided into logical sections (40 modules). The manual also included a diagram that explained all the features of our site’s admin dashboard. We were shown how to access detailed checklists of all the processes involved in using these features and how the “Resources” section at the end of each module contained links to comprehensive detailed written (and fully illustrated) step-by-step tutorials and video lessons expanding on all of the points covered in the manual. 

Elite members receive the editable and customizable version of the WordPress user manual.

Next, we were shown how to access our web developer’s training and documentation site, where all of the tutorials linked from the WordPress User Manual were found.

WordPress Training Tutorials Template
Set up a branded WordPress user training and documentation area on your own domain using our ready-made template.

Their training site included links to over 120 comprehensive and fully illustrated tutorials covering everything in step-by-step detail. We were shown how all tutorials were fully interlinked, allowing us to jump immediately to other tutorials or any section of their site any time we had questions or needed to know how to do something. They also explained how keeping all the tutorials online allowed them to keep the information up-to-date.

120+ editable WordPress tutorials.
Elite members get access to 120+ fully editable WordPress tutorials.

The WordPress Dashboard

How To Create A Post In WordPress - Part 1

The WordPress Dashboard

How To Create A Post In WordPress - Part 1

How To Use WordPress Tags

How To Use The WordPress Classic Editor

How To Use WordPress Tags

How To Use The WordPress Classic Editor

Website Planning Process - Part 3

WordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages

How To Plan Your Website - Part 3

WordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages

How To Reset Your WordPress Password

How To Use WordPress Post Categories

How To Reset Your WordPress Password

How To Use WordPress Post Categories

50+ Reasons To Choose WordPress

A Guide To HTML Formatting In WordPress

50+ Reasons To Choose WordPress

A Guide To HTML Formatting In WordPress

How To Use & Configure WordPress Widgets - Part 2

How To Use The WordPress Quick-Edit Feature

How To Use And Configure WordPress Widgets - Part 2

How To Use The WordPress Quick-Edit Feature

Just some of the 120+ editable tutorials you get access to as an Elite member.

Next, we were shown how to use the video training site, which we receive access to as part of their service. This site has over 2,000+ videos covering how to use every feature of a WordPress website, plus additional video courses on growing a business with digital marketing methods for getting more traffic, lead generation, social media, email marketing, and so on.

We were just blown away by all of these resources!

WordPress video tutorials
Give your clients access to 2,000+ WordPress and Digital Business video tutorials.

Our newly-hired school leaver was clearly very excited and jumped in, asking the instructor how to start and what to do first.

Our instructor told us that there was no need to feel overwhelmed because our training also included two comprehensive email courses:

The first course consists of 80+ client training emails delivered directly to our inbox every few days or so, explaining how all of our website features work with a link to relevant tutorials and video lessons to help us master using the feature.

WordPress client training email.
Set up a completely automated and ‘hands-free’ WordPress email training course for your clients.

The second email course is a comprehensive course on using content marketing to grow our business. It consists of 200+ emails on how to keep coming up with endless content ideas for our website, blog, and newsletter.

200+ Content creation course emails.
Elite members get a complete white label content creation course with 200+ editable emails.

We were then shown where to go to sign on to the email courses and everyone in our team was encouraged to sign up, which we all did.

When the tour of the training system was over, we then spent the next 15 minutes going through our website’s dashboard.

Once again, we were told there was no need to feel overwhelmed with all of the features, buttons, settings, and options we saw on the screen. Our instructor explained that one of the things that makes WordPress such a powerful business marketing tool is that we have full control of our own website. We were then reassured that every feature we needed to know how to use to get better results in our business was fully covered step-by-step in our manual, the online tutorials, the videos, and the training emails.

WordPress User Manual - WPTrainingManual.com
The WordPress User Manual is laid out in logical step-by-step modules covering all of the main features of WordPress.

The session ended with our instructor advising us to simply get acquainted with all the training resources we were given, follow the emails, and to get in touch with them if we have any questions or need any additional help.

It’s been a couple of weeks since our initial training and we’re really enjoying using our website. We’re publishing content on a regular basis and we’re already generating new leads and inquiries as a result.

Even though [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME] is just a small agency with other clients to service, we find that any time we reach out for help, we’re immediately referred to the relevant tutorials on their training site containing the answers we are looking for.

Thanks to their training system, we feel empowered to use our website and grow our business. We’re saving a lot of money doing a lot of basic stuff ourselves and if we find that we can’t implement something ourselves because it’s too technical, [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME] will do it for us for a reasonable fee.

We’re not only very happy with our website, but we feel that we have also made a great decision choosing to go with [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME].  They are definitely a part of our team now and we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!”

Which Of The Above User Experiences Will You Create For Your Clients?

If you want your WordPress services business to grow and stand heads and shoulders above your competition, you need to offer your clients something that your competitors simply can’t match. Something beyond technical expertise, cheaper prices, and quality of service.

You can do this with just these 10 magic words…

“…and we will fully train you to use your website!”

By offering to fully train your clients to use their websites effectively and empowering them to get better results in their business, you will completely set your business apart from your competition.

Here’s why our Elite Membership service gives you a unique competitive advantage:

You get to offer your clients something that most of your competition simply can’t offer

Take a good look at what your competition is doing to train their clients. Now, take a good look at my editable WordPress client training content and imagine that it is all yours to fully brand and customize as your own. Can you see the difference in results it will make to your and your clients’ businesses? That’s your unique competitive advantage!

You get instant leverage, saving you years of time and effort

As an Elite member, you get expertly-written ‘done-for-you’ editable WordPress training content that would take you (or anyone you hire) years to create.

It has taken me over 8+ years to create this content. I guarantee that you will not find any other writer that will create content for you that can match the quality, expertise, quantity, and price of what I am offering you here. Not even close!

You get a ready-made, 100% done-for-you, value-adding WordPress client training service

With my editable WordPress training content, it doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance web developer just starting out, a small web services business with limited resources, or a large digital agency targeting an exclusive clientele. You will add unique value to your business and be able to offer your clients a world-class WordPress training service worth many tens of thousands of dollars that you can run completely hands-free, allowing you to find and service as many new clients as you like and scale your business.

Once you set up and customize the tutorials and training emails to suit your business, just plug your new clients into your training system and it will run on auto-pilot. How big do you want your WordPress business to grow?

Get In Now Before Your Competition Beats You To It!

While there are tens of thousands of WordPress businesses competing for clients worldwide, only a limited number of Elite memberships will be made available.

Once all spots are filled, the membership will close for an indefinite period of time. This is your opportunity to gain a unique advantage over your competition!

This is a 12-month fixed membership service. You get everything listed on the Elite Membership information page…there are no hidden upsells!

I invite you to examine everything that’s on offer. Go through it, research it, and scrutinize it as much as you like. If you decide to become one of our exclusive Elite members, I guarantee to deliver you the best investment you will ever make into growing your WordPress services business!  

I have dedicated over 8+ years to writing the content and I am absolutely committed to delivering you the highest level of quality (and quantity) of expertly-written, editable WordPress client training content, at an extremely affordable price.

Get in now, start putting the 10 magic words to work in your WordPress business, and set your business apart from your competition.

I look forward to helping you and your clients get better results.

Learn more about becoming an Elite Member

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Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering to fully train your clients to use their WordPress sites effectively.

Click here to see everything that’s included in the Elite Membership

"This is AMAZING! I had learnt about how to use WordPress previously, but this covers absolutely everything and more!! Incredible value! Thank you!" - Monique, Warrior Forum


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