WordPress eCommerce

WordPress eCommerce

WordPress eCommerce

Online sales constitute a significant portion of global retail and generate billions of dollars in revenue. With businesses increasingly shifting towards digital commerce, the need for robust e-commerce solutions, especially those seamlessly integrated with WordPress, is on the rise.

In this lesson, we look at using the WooCommerce plugin to create and manage online stores with ease on the WordPress platform and the tools WooCommerce provides to showcase and sell your products online, manage inventory and customers, process payments, and optimize your eCommerce store for success.


Tutorial Contents

WordPress – The Ideal Platform For eCommerce

WordPress has evolved far beyond its origins as a simple blogging platform to emerge as a powerful, versatile and user-friendly platform for building robust eCommerce websites.

Thanks to continuous innovation, adaptation, and the ongoing support of its thriving developer and user community, WordPress has evolved into a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) capable of supporting intricate eCommerce functionalities.

As you will see, WordPress is an ideal platform for building and scaling eCommerce businesses of all kinds.

With WordPress, you can easily transform a simple blog into an online shop to sell your products or services …

A WordPress blog with eCommerce capabilities
WordPress lets you add simple eCommerce functionality to your blog so you can sell your products and services online…

And build large-scale eCommerce websites with advanced features and functionality that can handle selling thousands of products to a global audience of millions of users and potential customers …

Thousands of large eCommerce sites around the world are built on the WordPress platform. Source: eCommerce Websites Built With WooCommerce

By integrating eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, you can create a fully-functional online store offering a seamless shopping experience for customers together with your businerss web presence and a marketing blog, all running on a single WordPress installation.

So …

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce  is a WordPress-based eCommerce platform.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that enables you to turn you website or blog into a fully functional eCommerce store. It provides tools for managing products, payments, shipping, and more, making it easy to sell both physical and digital goods online.

WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress and is used to power millions on online stores around the world.

In fact, with a user base supported by a community of thousands of developers and experts, WooCommerce is one of the most well-supported eCommerce platforms in the world and the leading WordPress-based eCommerce platform …

WooCommerce usage on the internet compared to other eCommerce platforms. Source: BuiltWith.com

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is owned by Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. org and WordPress.com (learn about the differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com), and popular WordPress plugins like JetPack.

WooCommerce vs WordPress

WordPress serves as a versatile content management system, while WooCommerce extends its capabilities by adding eCommerce functionality.

In essence, WordPress provides the foundation for a robust web presence, while WooCommerce serves as the catalyst for your site’s online retail success.

Reasons to Choose WooCommerce

Some of the reasons why WordPress-based online retailers choose WooCommerce include the following:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: WooCommerce is free to download and use, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • Robust Feature Set: WordPress empowers users to sell a diverse range of products, from digital downloads to physical goods, effortlessly. From product management to comprehensive payment integrations, multi-channel selling, seamless shipping, and an optimized checkout, WooCommerce offers a suite of powerful tools to scale and manage online stores efficiently.
  • User-Friendly Setup: With an easy installation process and an intuitive Setup Wizard, user-friendly interface and adaptable features, launching your online store with WooCommerce is a breeze.
  • Extensibility: WooCommerce lets you easily customize your ecommerce store and tailor it to your specific requirements with thousands of plug-and-play eCommerce extensions and eCommerce-optimized themes.
  • Community Support: You benefit from a vibrant community of tens of thousands of active developers and access to extensive documentation, ensuring continuous improvement and troubleshooting assistance.
  • Analytics Tools: WooCommerce’s built-in analytics tools provide valuable insights into customer behavior and sales patterns.
  • Fast and Secure: Built on WordPress, WooCommerce prioritizes speed and security, providing a safe and seamless shopping experience for customers.

WooCommerce Hosting Requirements

WooCommerce requires a reliable web hosting environment to ensure optimal store performance and security.

Look for the following when selecting a suitable WooCommerce hosting provider for your eCommerce store or online shop:

  • Meets WooCommerce Basic Requirements: Ensure PHP version 7.4+, MySQL 5.7+/MariaDB 10.4+, memory limit =256MB, and HTTPS support. Verify compatibility and security support for WordPress and WooCommerce versions.
  • Offers Free Migration: Opt for providers offering free site migration services for seamless transitions.
  • Includes Free SSL Certificates: Prioritize hosts that provide free SSL certificates for enhanced security and trustworthiness.
  • Provides CDN Integration: Look for hosts with built-in or easy CDN integration for faster content delivery.
  • Utilizes Server-Side Caching: Opt for hosts offering server-side caching to optimize site performance and load times.
  • Includes Daily Backups: Ensure automatic daily backups for data security, and consider additional off-site backup plugins.
  • Focuses on WooCommerce: Choose hosts that specialize in hosting WooCommerce/WordPress CMS sites to ensure tailored support and optimized features and functionality.
  • Fits Budget: Consider pricing structures, hidden costs, and scalability options that align with your budget and growth plans.
  • Offers Expert Support: Look for providers with responsive customer support, whi are experienced in troubleshooting WordPress/WooCommerce-related issues.
  • Provides Storage and Scalability: Choose hosts that offer scalable storage options, especially cloud-based hosting for optimal flexibility and reliability.
  • Is Developer-Friendly: Opt for hosts that support various server environments and offer flexibility for customization.
  • Ensures Uptime and Security: Prioritize hosts with high uptime guarantees and robust security measures, including software updates, malware scanning, and firewalls.
  • Supports Open Web: Choose providers committed to supporting open-source platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce, and fostering community growth and innovation.

Installing WooCommerce

Got your web hosting all sorted out? Great!

The next step is to install the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.


WordPress installs just like any other WordPress plugin. You (or your web developer) can download and install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory or directly from your WordPress admin (WordPress admin Menu > Plugins > Add New).

After the plugin has been installed, simply activate it to begin setting up and configuring your store.

WooCommerce plugin in WordPress Add Plugins scree,
You can install the WooCommerce plugin directly from your WordPress admin area.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard

WooCommerce displays a Setup Wizard upon activation of the WooCommerce plugin for the first time. The onboarding wizard streamlines the process of configuring your online store and guides you through the essential setup steps for your store, which includes providing key details about your store, such as location, industry, and products.

After completing the onboarding wizard, you will be presented with a set up checklist to ensure that all necessary aspects of your online store are properly configured for selling.

Follow this sequential process to ensure a smooth setup and prepare your store for its successful operation.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard
Follow the wizard steps to set up your new store quickly…

WooCommerce Widget

Installing WooCommerce adds a widget to your dashboard, giving you an “at-a-glance” overview of your store’s activity when you log into your WordPress site.

WooCommerce Status widget
See what’s happening in your store with the WooCommerce Status widget.

WooCommerce – Menus

Activating the WooCommerce plugin also adds the following menus to your WordPress admin dashboard:

  • WooCommerce
  • Products
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
WooCommerce menus
Installing WooCommerce adds new menus to your WordPress admin menu section.

Let’s go briefly over each of these menus (refer to the extensive WooCommerce documentation for detailed information and step-by-step tutorials about each of the menu sections and subsections described below):

WooCommerce Main Menu

The top-level WooCommerce menu grants you access to vital store functions, including a dashboard overview, order and customer management, settings, store status, and extensions.

WooCommerce - Main menu
The WooCommerce main menu and submenu options.

Here’s an overview of each WooCommerce submenu option:

  • Home: Provides a dashboard overview of your WooCommerce store, including key metrics and statistics.
  • Orders: When you receive a new order, it will appear here. This section allows you to view and manage customer orders, process refunds, and handle order-related tasks.
  • Customers: Provides access to customer data, enabling you to manage customer accounts, view order history, and communicate with customers.
  • Coupons: Allows you to create, manage, and apply discount coupons to orders, offering promotional deals to customers. Note: This section is now managed from Marketing > Coupons (see below). If you see this submenu, click the button to remove the legacy WooCommerce > Coupons menu item from the main menu.
  • Reports: Provides detailed reports and analytics on various aspects of your store’s performance, such as sales, inventory, and customer activity. Note:This section contains legacy reports and WooCommerce Analytics. A new and better Analytics section is available for WordPress users in the Analytics menu.
  • Settings: Enables you to configure and customize various settings for your WooCommerce store, including general, product, payment, and shipping settings.
  • Status: Offers insights into the health and status of your WooCommerce store, including system status, server environment, and tools for troubleshooting.
  • Extensions: Allows you to browse, install, and manage extensions and plugins for WooCommerce, expanding the functionality of your store.
WooCommerce customers screen.
Click on WooCommerce > Customers to view and manage your customers.
Configuring WooCommerce Settings

The WooCommerce settings menu is accessible through WooCommerce > Settings. Here, you can configure the plugin’s settings to tailor your online store to your exact preferences and adjust various aspects of your store, including general settings, product configurations, tax setups, payment methods, shipping options, account management, email notifications, API integrations, and more.

WooCommerce Settings screen.
Configure your WooCommerce store settings to create a tailored and efficient online store and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Here is an overview of the Settings tabs:

  • General Settings: This tab lets you set up crucial aspects such as your store address, selling and shipping locations, default customer location, tax and coupon options, and currency preferences. These general settings ensure that your store operates smoothly and accurately reflect your business operations.
  • Product Settings: Use the options in this tab to configure how products are displayed, including image sizes, inventory management, and downloadable product settings. This section provides options for customizing the appearance and functionality of your product listings to optimize the shopping experience for your customers.
  • Inventory: This section allows you to manage your store’s stock effectively. Enable stock management, set low stock notifications, define stock display formats, and control various aspects related to inventory handling and notifications to ensure seamless operations and prevent stockouts.
  • Downloadable Products: For stores offering downloadable products, the Downloadable Products settings allow you to specify how downloads are handled, including file download methods, access restrictions, and filename settings. These configurations ensure secure and efficient delivery of digital products to your customers.
  • Payments Settings: Manage payment gateways, enabling or disabling them as needed. You can also set up payment methods, configure their settings, and arrange their display order to streamline the checkout process and offer convenient payment options to your customers.
  • Accounts and Privacy Settings: Control customer account functionalities, including guest checkout, account creation options, data retention policies, and privacy policy settings. These settings help you manage customer data responsibly and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Email Settings: Customize email notifications and templates sent to customers, including order notifications, account-related emails, and password reset instructions. You can personalize email content and design to provide informative and engaging communication with your customers.
  • Advanced Settings: This section offers additional customization options and integrations, including page setups, REST API configurations, webhook management, and legacy API support. These settings cater mostly to developers and advanced users, allowing for deeper integration and customization of your WooCommerce store.

After your store has been set up and configured, you can return to this section to navigate quickly to key store management functions.

WooCommerce - Store Management Quick access dashboard.
Access and manage key areas of your store quickly from this screen.

Products Menu

Click on the WooCommerce Products menu to add, edit, delete, and manage your store’s products.

WooCommerce Products menu.
WooCommerce Products menu and submenu options.

Submenu items include:

  • All Products: Lists all of your store products for management and editing.
  • Add New: Add your new products here.
  • Categories, Tags, and Attributes: Use these management screens to add information about your products that will help to make them easier for your customers and search engines to find. Categories and Tags work just like regular WordPress categories and tags. Attributes let you define extra product data, such as size or color.
  • Reviews: Manage product reviews left by visitors.
WooCommerce Products screen
Manage your products easily in the Products section.
Product Types

Understanding and managing product types will help you offer a diverse range of products efficiently in your WooCommerce store:

Simple Products
  • Basic products with no variations.
  • Examples: Single items like a book or a phone.
  • Managed individually with unique SKUs.
Grouped Products
  • A collection of related products sold together.
  • Customers can choose from the grouped items.
  • No individual prices or stock numbers for grouped items.
External/Affiliate Products
  • Products listed on your site but sold elsewhere.
  • Redirects users to another site for purchase.
  • You earn a commission for referrals.
Variable Products
  • Products with multiple variations (e.g., size, color).
  • Each variation can have its price, SKU, and stock level.
  • Allows customers to choose options before purchase.

Note: Installing other WooCommerce extensions might add more product types to your store.

Adding and Managing Products in WooCommerce

Adding and managing products is essential for your WooCommerce store’s success. Here’s how to do it effectively:

Add a Product

Start with basic details like product name and price, then add more information for better customer appeal and SEO ranking.
Consider product categories, tax settings, stock tracking, shipping details, variable product attributes, and review options before adding products.

Adding a Simple Product
  • Go to WooCommerce > Products > Add Product.
  • Enter product details like name, price, and image.
  • Choose “Simple product” as the Product type from the dropdown menu.
  • Publish the product.
Adding a Grouped Product
  • Create a Grouped product.
  • Add products to the group, either existing or new ones.
  • Customize the order of grouped products.
Adding an External/Affiliate Product
  • Select “External/Affiliate product” as the Product type.
  • Add the product URL and customize the button text.
Adding a Variable Product
  • Define different variations using product attributes.
  • Customize SKU, image, price, and stock level for each variation.

Refer to the WooCommerce Documentation for step-by-step tutorials on how to add products to your store and manage different types of products using WooCommerce.

Analytics Menu

WooCommerce Analytics is a reporting and data analysis tool that helps you manage your store using a suite of reports with advanced filtering and segmenting tools, the ability to download all data to CSV, and a customizable dashboard to monitor all of your store’s important key metrics of your site.

WooCommerce Analytics menu
WooCommerce Analytics menu and submenu options.

Here, you can view reports and monitor how your store is performing.

WooCommerce analytics report.
View your site’s performance and results using WooCommerce’s built-in analytics tools and reports.

Marketing Menu

This section provides access to promotional tools and knowledge, including coupons.

WooCommerce Marketing menu
The WooCommerce Marketing menu

WooCommerce lets you create unlimited coupons for your store’s promotions.

WooCommerce Coupons
The WooCommerce Coupons screen.
Creating Coupons in WooCommerce

To create coupons in WooCommerce, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Coupons in WooCommerce.
  2. If it’s your first time, click “Create Coupon” or click the button on the screen to learn more about coupons. If you’ve created coupons before, access the “Coupons” menu.
  3. Click “Add Coupon” to create a new one.
  4. Enter or generate a Coupon Code, optionally add a description.
  5. Select a Discount Type: Percentage, Fixed cart, or Fixed product discount.
  6. Enter the discount amount without currency or percent signs.
  7. Check “Allow Free Shipping” if needed and set an optional expiry date.
  8. Click “Publish” if no usage restrictions or limits are needed.
Setting Usage Restrictions and Limits
  1. Configure restrictions such as minimum and maximum spend, individual use, sale item exclusions, product or category limitations, and allowed emails.
  2. Specify usage limits per coupon, per item, or per user.
Applying Coupons

Here are some things to know about how coupons work in WooCommerce:

  • There is no functionality in WooCommerce core to automatically apply coupon codes for customers so you need to send them via email, social media, or other marketing methods.
  • Customers must add coupon codes to their cart or at checkout to receive the coupon discount.
  • Error messages appear if the coupon is invalid, like expiration.
  • Store managers can manually apply coupons to orders.
Important Notes

Here are a few important notes about coupon discounts and how they are applied:

  • Coupons apply before tax calculation.
  • They don’t affect shipping unless a free shipping coupon is created.

Note: You can enhance the functionality of coupons using various WooCommerce coupon extensions (see further below for examples). Refer to the WooCommerce Documentation for step-by-step tutorials on how to add coupons to your store using WooCommerce.

The Marketing menu screens also provide access to various tools and resources that will help you improve your marketing efforts, reach new customers, and increase sales through your eCommerce store.

WooCommerce - Marketing menu overview screen
Improve your marketing efforts and enhance your overall eCommerce experience.

WooCommerce Features

As both the WordPress platform and the WooCommerce plugin are modular architectures, building an eCommerce store with WordPress can be extremely cost-effective.

You can start with a basic and simple website or online store, and add new functionalities as your business grows and additional capabilities become necessary.

WooCommerce offers a range of modular products to make building your eCommerce presence powerful, flexible, and highly customizable to your specific needs.

These include:

Let’s look at each of these components.

WooCommerce Extensions

Extensions work in a similar way to WordPress plugins, but they allow you to grow your store’s capabilities by adding or extending the features and functionality of the WooCommerce plugin itself.

Think of extensions as being plugins for the WooCommerce plugin, as they require the WooCommerce plugin to be installed and activated on your site in order to perform their function.

Let’s look at some popular WooCommerce extensions:

Free WooCommerce Extensions

Free WooCommerce Extensions
WordPress is free, WooCommerce is free, and dozens of WooCommerce extensions are free too! How good is this?

WooCommerce makes available dozens of Free extensions for your eCommerce store. You can install free extensions to instantly  integrate your store with social networks (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok), accept online payments from leading merchants (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, Square, and many others), calculate tax, print shipping labels, allow customers to pay for booking accomodations, and so much more!

Browse all Free WooCommerce extensions

Woo Subscriptions

WooCommerce Extension - Woo Subscriptions
Manage recurring payments effortlessly with Woo Subscriptions.

Woo Subscriptions lets your customers subscribe to your products or services and pay on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Key features:

  • Flexible Billing Schedules: Allow customers to subscribe and pay on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis, catering to their preferences and your store’s needs.
  • Extensive Payment Gateway Integration: Seamlessly integrate with over 25 payment gateways for automatic recurring payments, ensuring convenience and reliability for both you and your customers.
  • Manual and Automatic Renewals: Support manual renewal payments through any WooCommerce payment gateway, coupled with automatic email invoices and receipts, ensuring smooth transactions every time.
  • Automatic Rebilling: Ensure revenue continuity by automatically rebilling failed subscription payments, preventing revenue loss and maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Subscriber Empowerment: Grant subscribers the freedom to manage their plans autonomously, facilitating upgrades, downgrades, or cancellations without requiring assistance.
  • Renewal Notifications: Built-in renewal notifications and automatic emails keep you and your customers informed about processed subscription payments, fostering transparency and trust.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed reports to track recurring revenue, monitor the number of active subscribers, and gain insights into subscription performance.
Woo Subscriptions Features
Some of the many features included in the Woo Subscriptions extension.

With WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can capture residual revenue effortlessly:

  • Versatile Subscription Options: Offer various subscription types, from product-of-the-month clubs to yearly software billing packages, with customizable sign-up fees, free trials, and expiration periods.
  • Enhanced Subscription Management: Benefit from full-featured subscription management tools, enabling suspension, cancellation, or modification of subscriptions, and synchronized payments for streamlined operations.
  • Flexible Product Configuration: Customize subscription products with downloadable, virtual, or physical options, and choose from flexible billing intervals and shipping configurations.
  • Customer-Centric Features: Empower customers with subscriber account management capabilities, allowing them to control subscription details and manage multiple subscriptions in a single transaction.
  • Automated Communication: Automatically notify customers about subscription events, such as renewal payments, cancellations, or expirations, with built-in subscription email functionality.
  • Add-On Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate optional subscription plans into your existing products with the All Products add-on, expanding your revenue streams effortlessly.

Add this plugin to your store to capture more residual revenue, streamline subscription management, and ensure sustainable growth for your business.

More info: WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Extension - WooCommerce Bookings
WooCommerce Bookings allows your customers to book appointments, make reservations, or rent equipment without leaving your site.

WooCommerce Bookings allows you to streamline reservation management and empowers your customers to book appointments, reservations, or equipment rentals directly on your website

Add this extension to your store and enhance your business in the following ways:

  • Flexible Booking Options: Whether it’s scheduling classes, appointments, or item reservations, WooCommerce Bookings offers versatile solutions tailored to your business needs.
  • Customizable Time Slots: Define fixed time slots or allow customers to choose flexible booking ranges, enabling precise scheduling down to minutes.
  • Multi-Person Events: Set minimum and maximum participant limits for bookings, accommodating both one-on-one appointments and group activities.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Offer special pricing based on groups, days, or individual preferences, enhancing flexibility and attracting diverse customer segments.
  • Time Zone Compatibility: Display availability in customers’ time zones, ensuring accurate bookings regardless of location, ideal for virtual classes or online appointments.
  • Confirmation and Reminder Management: Set up confirmations and automatic reminders to reduce no-shows, enhancing customer satisfaction and appointment reliability.
  • Resource Allocation: Prevent double bookings by assigning resources to specific bookings, ensuring efficient resource management and optimal service delivery.
  • Calendar Management: Seamlessly manage your calendar with customizable views, real-time updates, and Google Calendar synchronization for enhanced organization and efficiency.
WooCommerce Bookings - Settings screen.
Customers can easily book classes, schedule appointments, or reserve items.

WooCommerce Bookings allows you to simplify reservation management and elevate customer experience with seamless booking operations.

More info: WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Product Bundles

WooCommerce Extension - Product Bundles
Product Bundles lets you boost your sales and offer customized product bundles, bulk discount packages, and assembled products.

Install the Product Bundles extension and enable customers to pay for products using a deposit or a payment plan.

Here’s what makes this versatile extension a must-have for your eCommerce store:

  • Versatile Bundle Creation: Craft personalized bundles, bulk discount packages, and assembled products effortlessly, catering to various customer preferences.
  • Flexible Bundle Configuration: Customize pricing, shipping options, and product grouping to align with your business requirements.
  • Wide Range of Product Compatibility: Group simple, variable, and subscription products together, offering customers a seamless shopping experience.
  • Dynamic Pricing Rules: Offer bulk quantity discounts with dynamic pricing rules, enticing customers to purchase more.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Gain insights into bundle performance with in-depth revenue analytics, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Inventory Management: Easily identify and restock bundles with low stock levels, ensuring uninterrupted availability.
  • Customization and Support: Tailor bundles to your exact specifications with snippets and mini-extensions, backed by comprehensive documentation and expert support.
  • Integration and Expansion: Seamlessly integrate with REST API and other WooCommerce extensions, offering subscriptions, memberships, personalized add-ons, and more.
WooCommerce Extension - Product Bundles
Group and sell products that customers often buy together and skyrocket your sales revenue!

Product Bundles empowers you to create enticing offers, boost sales, and enhance customer satisfaction, making it a vital addition to your WooCommerce store.

More info: WooCommerce Product Bundles

WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns

WooCommerce Extensions - WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns
WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns lets you categorize and track the performance of your coupons and coupon campaigns.

WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns lets you streamline your coupon strategies and unlock the power of targeted promotions.

Here are just some of the ways this extension can give your coupon marketing efforts a significant boost:

  • Organized Coupon Campaigns: Categorize coupons within campaigns to efficiently track their performance and effectiveness. Create focused promotions tailored to your marketing goals.
  • Measure Success: Easily measure the success of each campaign and optimize your future marketing efforts accordingly. Gain insights into which campaigns drive the most engagement and sales.
  • Encourage Repeat Purchases: With targeted promotions, encourage repeat purchases from existing customers, fostering long-term relationships and boosting customer loyalty.
  • Effortless Campaign Creation: Utilize a familiar WordPress interface to effortlessly create coupon campaigns. Whether it’s for events, monthly promotions, or seasonal offers, Coupon Campaigns simplifies the process.
  • Track Performance: Seamlessly integrate Coupon Campaigns into your WooCommerce reporting dashboard. Track campaign performance across various date ranges, with visual reports available directly within WooCommerce.
WooCommerce Extension - WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns
Use the familiar WordPress interface to easily create coupon campaigns with the WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns extension.

Install this extension to organize, track, and optimize your coupon campaigns with ease.

More info: WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns


If coupons are a big part of your strategy for growing sales, check out these additional coupon extensions for your WooCommerce store:

  • Coupon Shortcodes: Show coupon discount info using shortcodes. Allows to render coupon information and content conditionally, based on the validity of coupons.
  • Free Gift Coupons: Give away a free item to any customer with the coupon code With WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons.
  • Group Coupons: Automatically apply and restrict coupon validity for user groups. Offer exclusive, automatic and targeted discounts for your customers.
  • Smart Coupons: All-in-one plugin for gift cards, discounts, coupons, store credits, BOGO deals, advanced restrictions, product giveaways, offers, and promotions. Smart Coupons is the original, most complete, best selling and most advanced WooCommerce coupons plugin.
  • URL Coupons: Add a unique URL to a coupon code to automatically apply discounts and (optionally) add products to the customer’s cart.
  • Extended Coupon Features: Adds extended functionality to the WooCommerce coupon system

WooCommerce Deposits

WooCommerce Extension - WooCommerce Deposits
WooCommerce Deposits enable customers to pay for products using a deposit or a payment plan.

WooCommerce Deposits provides payment flexibility for your customers.

Here’s what it offers:

  • Deposit or Payment Plans: Allow customers to pay for products through deposits or structured payment plans, enhancing affordability and accessibility.
  • Custom Payment Schedules: Tailor payment schedules using days, weeks, or months, accommodating various customer preferences and financial situations.
  • Flexible Payment Structures: Accept payments in diverse formats, including deposits, layaway plans, or any desired payment structure, ensuring compatibility with your business model.
  • Intuitive Checkout Experience: Provide customers with an intuitive checkout flow, explaining payment plans through easy-to-understand visuals, reducing confusion and cart abandonment.
  • Option for Full Payment or Deposit: Offer customers the choice to pay in full or opt for a deposit, catering to different budget constraints and purchasing behaviors.
WooCommerce Extension - WooCommerce Deposits
With WooCommerce Deposits, customers can effortlessly place deposits or utilize payment plans for specified products.

This robust extension empowers you to create custom payment plans with variable percentages and intervals, ensuring seamless transactions and making purchasing decisions hassle-free by improving your customers’ shopping experience with guided payment processes and transparent visuals.

More info: WooCommerce Deposits

Gift Cards

WooCommerce Extension - Gift Cards
Offer prepaid digital gift cards that customers can redeem online with Gift Cards.

WooCommerce Gift Cards is a versatile extension that lets you enhance your store with digital prepaid gift cards and boost your online store experience for users.

Key fetures of this extension:

  • Flexible Gift Certificates: Sell both Simple and Variable gift certificates, catering to different customer preferences and occasions.
  • Expiration Management: Create expiring codes to instill urgency and encourage timely redemption.
  • Customized Delivery: Allow customers to choose a custom delivery date for their gift cards, enhancing the personal touch.
  • Multi-Recipient Support: Send gift cards to multiple recipients, perfect for group gifting or corporate incentives.
  • Efficient Management: Seamlessly search and edit issued gift certificates by code, sender, or recipient for streamlined administration.
  • Comprehensive Transaction Logs: Log and search transactions store-wide by code or customer, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Detailed Reports: Generate reports on issued, used, and expired gift card amounts to gain insights into customer behavior and trends.
  • Import and Export Functionality: Easily import and export gift card codes for efficient management and integration with other systems.
WooCommerce Extension - Gift Cards
Who doesn’t love giving and receiving gift cards?

WooCommerce Gift Cards offers a delightful experience for both customers and store owners with:

  • Increased Customer Loyalty: Digital gift cards drive revenue and foster customer loyalty by offering a convenient and secure payment method.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate gift cards seamlessly into your store’s checkout process, enhancing convenience for customers.
  • Personalized Gifting: Customers can choose a delivery date, add personal messages, and select from multiple recipients, making gift-giving a memorable experience.

Additionally, this extension ensures that every aspect of prepaid gift certificates is managed efficiently through:

  • User-Friendly Management: Easily search, view, and edit gift certificates, and access detailed transaction logs for enhanced control.
  • Accurate Reporting: Generate balance reports and usage analytics to monitor gift card activity and track performance.
  • Compliance and Security: Treat gift certificates as a form of payment with robust management features, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.

Install this extension on your eCommerce store and provide customers with a seamless and personalized gifting experience.

More info: WooCommerce Gift Cards

Conditional Shipping and Payments

WooCommerce Extensions - Conditional Shipping and Payments
Ship physical products? Then use conditional logic to restrict the shipping and payment options available on your store.

Conditional Shipping and Payments lets you tailor shipping and payment options on your WooCommerce store using conditional logic.

Key features:

  • Flexible Restrictions: Easily limit shipping methods, payment gateways, and destinations based on various conditions.
  • Customized Shipping: Provide free shipping selectively by product, category, or shipping class. Control shipping methods based on package attributes or cart contents.
  • Localized Control: Prevent specific products or categories from shipping to restricted countries, states, or zip codes.
  • Personalized Options: Tailor shipping and payment choices for specific customers or roles, like members or wholesalers.
  • Subscription Management: Direct customers to specific payment gateways for subscriptions and renewals, or offer free shipping incentives.
  • Effortless Setup: Establish rules to disable or hide shipping methods and payment gateways with ease, tailored to products, categories, or customer segments.
  • Comprehensive Restrictions: Implement conditions based on shipping country, state, or product attributes for precise control over order fulfillment.
  • Focused Management: Simplify your store’s backend with centralized control over shipping and payment restrictions, regardless of store size or complexity.
  • Optimized Performance: Enjoy seamless performance even with high traffic, thanks to efficient caching mechanisms that prioritize essential rule evaluations.
  • Reliable Functionality: Benefit from rigorous testing to ensure consistent performance and compatibility with updates, allowing you to focus on your business.
  • Expandable Integration: Seamlessly integrate with over 10 popular extensions like Subscriptions and Memberships, with options to customize and extend functionality as needed.
WooCommerce Extensions - Conditional Shipping and Payments
Unleash the power of conditional logic for your store’s shipping and payment processes.

Use this extension to streamline your customer experience.

More info: Conditional Shipping and Payments

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

WooCommerce Extension - WooCommerce Points and Rewards
Reward you customers for purchases and other actions with points that can be redeemed for discounts.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards lets you reward your customers and boost loyalty on your store.

Key features include:

  • Reward Points for Purchases and Actions: Customers earn points for purchases based on your customizable conversion rate. Encourage specific purchases by overriding the rate at the category or product level.
  • Redeem Points for Discounts: Customers can easily redeem points for discounts, with you setting the conversion rate. Control the maximum discount available at various levels to manage your promotions effectively.
  • Manage Customer Points: Quickly adjust customers’ points balance and view a comprehensive log of all changes. Enhance customer experience by displaying their points history on their My Account page.
  • Powerful Customization: Tailor messages on product and cart/checkout pages to align with your branding. Rename points to fit your brand identity, offering customers a unique loyalty currency.
WooCommerce Extension - WooCommerce Points and Rewards
Use points-based discounts to reward your customers’ loyalty!

Install this extension to foster customer loyalty, drive repeat purchases, and create a rewarding shopping experience for your customers.

More info: WooCommerce Points and Rewards

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

WooCommerce Extension - WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro
Add advanced event and enhanced eCommerce tracking to your store!

Unlock advanced event tracking and enhanced eCommerce capabilities to improve your site’s performance and profitability with powerful WooCommerce store insights.

Key features of this extension include:

  • Comprehensive Insights: Turbocharge your WooCommerce store’s integration with Google Analytics, gaining detailed insights into traffic and eCommerce events. Optimize your sales funnel and boost revenue by leveraging actionable data.
  • Enhanced Event Tracking: Automatically push advanced eCommerce events to Google Analytics, including metrics like average order value, conversion rate, and sales by product or category. Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ behavior.
  • Easy Setup: With just three clicks, you can connect your WooCommerce store to your Google Analytics account. Customize event names and enable enhanced eCommerce tracking effortlessly for seamless integration.
  • Advanced Features: Track user IDs for accurate user counts, monitor basic and advanced eCommerce events, and gain insights into customer actions like sign-ins, product reviews, and more. Enjoy full support for Shopping Behavior and Checkout Behavior analysis reports.
  • Detailed Event Tracking: Gain insights into every step of your sales process with detailed event tracking. Monitor actions like coupon application, cart quantity changes, and customer email opens to optimize your store’s performance.
  • Powerful Customization: Customize event names, disable specific events, and track custom events with ease. Ensure accurate tracking with user ID support and theme snippet integration.
  • Subscription Benefits: Enjoy regular product updates, customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.
WooCommerce Extension - WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro
Unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce store with WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro.

More info: WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Etsy Integration for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Extension - Etsy Integration for WooCommerce
Integrate your WooCommerce store with Etsy for a hassle-free selling experience easily and seamlessly!

Etsy Integration lets you seamlessly integrate your WooCommerce store with Etsy for a hassle-free selling experience. You can also use this extension to import Etsy listings into your WooCommerce store effortlessly.

Etsy Integration for WooCommerce’s key features include:

  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly connect your WooCommerce store with Etsy, streamlining the selling process and ensuring smooth data synchronization between the two platforms.
  • Simplified Listing Management: Sync product information, stock levels, and orders effortlessly, while importing Etsy listings directly into your WooCommerce store. Manage both platforms conveniently and update inventory with ease.
  • Seamless Authorization: Gain quick access to your Etsy store with one-click authorization.
  • Efficient Bulk Management: Upload or update WooCommerce listings on Etsy in bulk, with customizable inventory rules and pricing options.
  • Hassle-Free Etsy Import: Import your entire Etsy product catalog into WooCommerce effortlessly.
  • Connect Multiple Etsy Accounts: Link multiple Etsy accounts effortlessly for streamlined selling.
  • Smart Template-Based Upload: Upload products to Etsy based on categories and attributes, enhancing visibility.
  • Centralized Order Control: Manage orders efficiently from a centralized location within WooCommerce.
  • Real-time Data Sync: Keep track of inventory and orders in real-time to prevent overselling.
  • Streamlined Shipping: Automate shipping by using shipping profiles on Etsy.
WooCommerce Extension - Etsy Integration for WooCommerce
Etsy Integration for WooCommerce lets you seamlessly connect your stores for streamlined management and boosted sales.

Additional benefits of installing this extension include:

  • Dedicated Account Manager: Receive personalized assistance with installation and inquiries.
  • Free Support: Expert guidance is available 24/7 to support your Etsy store-related decisions.

If you sell products on Etsy, install this extension on your eCommerce store to optimize your selling workflow.

More info: Etsy Integration

The above extensions represent just a small sample of all the mind-boggling options you have to expand and enhance the functionality of your eCommerce store using the WooCommerce plugin … we haven’t even mentioned adding powerful functionalities like setting up a membership site, running online auctions, and adding restaurant menus with checkout systems to create an online food ordering system.

To discover all that WooCommerce has to offer, check out…

WooCommerce Extension Categories

WooCommerce groups hundreds of useful eCommerce extensions into various different categories, making it easier for you to find the functionality you are looking to add to your store.

WooCommerce Extensions
Browse hundreds of useful WooCommerce extensions organized into various different categories.

WooCommerce’s main extension categories include the following:

  • Payments – Extensions in this category facilitate various payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers, enhancing checkout flexibility.
  • Shipping, Delivery, and Fulfillment – These extensions streamline shipping processes, calculate shipping rates, and manage order fulfillment, ensuring efficient order delivery.
  • Conversion – Conversion-focused extensions optimize the customer journey, employing strategies like abandoned cart recovery, product recommendations, and one-click checkout to boost sales.
  • Customer Service – Extensions in this category enhance customer support through features like live chat, ticketing systems, and product documentation, improving user experience.
  • Merchandising – These extensions help in product showcasing, upselling, and cross-selling, enriching product discovery and increasing average order value. WordPress eCommerce store owners may want to consider adding extensions from the “Merchandising” category to their WooCommerce stores to enhance product presentation, offer flexibility in pricing and ordering processes, and cater to diverse customer needs, ultimately driving sales and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Store Content and Customizations – Extensions in this category allow customization of store appearance, content management, and integration with social media platforms, fostering brand identity and engagement. WordPress eCommerce store owners may want to consider adding extensions from the “Store Content and Customizations” category to their WooCommerce stores to enhance user experience, improve store aesthetics, increase international reach, and ultimately boost sales and revenue.
  • Store Management – These extensions aid in inventory management, order processing, and reporting, streamlining backend operations for efficient store management. WordPress eCommerce store owners may want to consider adding extensions from the “Store Management” category to their WooCommerce stores to streamline operations, improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and drive business growth.
  • Marketing – Marketing extensions encompass email marketing, SEO optimization, and promotional tools to attract, retain, and convert customers, driving revenue and brand visibility. WordPress eCommerce store owners may want to consider adding extensions from the “Marketing” category to their WooCommerce stores to effectively promote their products, automate marketing processes, analyze performance, expand sales channels, improve search engine visibility, and engage with customers through various channels.

In addition to the main categories described above, WooCommerce extensions are organized into dozens of subcategories as listed in the comprehensive table below. Click on the links in the table to explore the individual extensions listed in all categories and subcategories.

WooCommerce Extension Categories
Extension CategorySubcategoryDescription
PaymentsProcessors and GatewaysIntegrate various payment processors and gateways, allowing your customers to pay using different methods like credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Offer diverse payment options to cater to customer preferences and increase checkout conversions.
PaymentsWallets & Buy Now Pay LaterEnable your customers to use digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as Buy Now Pay Later services like Klarna and Afterpay. Enhance convenience for shoppers, potentially reducing cart abandonment and boosting sales.
PaymentsIn-Person PaymentsFacilitate in-person payments through POS (Point of Sale) systems, enabling seamless integration between your physical and online store. Use these extensions if your business has a brick-and-mortar and online presence. Offer unified payment solutions to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.
PaymentsCryptocurrency PaymentsAccept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment methods. Integrate crypto payments to offer your customers an alternative payment option and position your store as innovative and forward-thinking, potentially attracting tech-savvy consumers.
PaymentsPayment ManagementManage and optimize payment processes with features like automated invoicing, subscription management, and fraud detection. Efficient payment management ensures smooth transactions, reduces manual workload, and safeguards against fraudulent activities, enhancing your overall store operations.
Shipping, Delivery and FulfillmentDelivery Options and EnhancementsEnhance delivery options like scheduling deliveries, providing delivery date estimates, and offering delivery to multiple addresses. Provide flexible delivery options to improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.
Shipping, Delivery and FulfillmentFulfillment and DropshippingAutomate order fulfillment processes and integrate with dropshipping services. Streamline fulfillment and reduce manual workload, improve order accuracy, and scale your businesses efficiently.
Shipping, Delivery and FulfillmentInventory and Order ManagementManage inventory levels, track stock movements, and optimize your order fulfillment processes. Maintain accurate inventory data and efficiently manage orders to prevent stockouts, reduce fulfillment errors, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Shipping, Delivery and FulfillmentLabel PrintingPrint shipping labels directly from your WooCommerce dashboard. Streamline your shipping process to save time, ensure accurate labeling, and enhance overall shipping efficiency.
Shipping, Delivery and FulfillmentShipping Rates at CheckoutCustomize shipping rates displayed at checkout based on various factors like destination, weight, or order value. Provide transparent and accurate shipping rates to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.
ConversionCustomer FeedbackCollect and manage customer feedback through surveys, reviews, and ratings. Gather insights directly from customers and identify areas for improvement, enhance user experience, and build trust with potential buyers.
ConversionPromotionsCreate and manage promotional campaigns like discounts, coupons, and BOGO offers. Implement promotions to stimulate sales, attract new customers, and encourage repeat purchases, ultimately increasing conversion rates.
ConversionRecovering OrdersRecover abandoned carts by sending automated follow-up emails or notifications to remind customers to complete their purchase. Re-engage with potential buyers to recover lost sales and improve overall conversion rates.
ConversionRewards and LoyaltyEstablish loyalty programs, reward customers for purchases, referrals, and other actions. Use loyalty programs to improve conversion rates and profitability by incentivizing repeat purchases, fostering customer retention, and increasing customer lifetime value.
ConversionStore AlertsGet real-time alerts and notifications for store events like low stock, new orders, or product reviews. Stay informed about important store activities and take timely actions to address issues, optimize operations, and enhance customer satisfaction, ultimately improving your conversion rates.
ConversionUpsells and Cross-SellsSuggest related or complementary products to customers during the checkout process or on product pages. Offer relevant upsells and cross-sells to increase average order value, maximize revenue, and enhance the shopping experience for customers.
Customer ServiceCustomer AccountsEnhance the customer account management functionality of your WooCommerce store with features like account registration, login, password reset, and profile management. Provide a seamless and user-friendly account experience to improve customer satisfaction, encourage repeat purchases, and foster customer loyalty.
Customer ServiceLive ChatEnable real-time communication between your customers and store representatives through live chat functionality. Offer live chat support to provide immediate assistance, address customer inquiries and concerns promptly, and enhance the overall shopping experience, leading to higher conversion rates, increased sales, and improved customer satisfaction.
Customer ServiceManaging CustomersManage customer information, interactions, and relationships in your WooCommerce stores with advanced features like customer segmentation, CRM integration, and customer communication management. Manage customer data and relationships, personalize your marketing efforts, improve customer retention, and drive repeat business.
Customer ServicePost-Purchase ServicesEnhancing the post-purchase experience for customers with features like order tracking, order status notifications, and post-purchase support. Provide transparency and support throughout the post-purchase journey to increase customer satisfaction, reduce inquiries, and build trust with customers.
Customer ServiceSupportStreamline your store's customer support processes with ticketing systems, knowledge bases, and FAQ sections. Offer comprehensive support resources and efficient support ticket management to resolve customer issues quickly, improve satisfaction, and maintain a positive brand image.
MerchandisingAdditional PurchasesOffer complementary or related products to customers during the checkout process. Suggest additional purchases to increase your average order value and enhance your overall shopping experience.
MerchandisingB2BCater to business-to-business (B2B) transactions with features like bulk pricing, wholesale ordering, and account management tailored for B2B customers. Streamline B2B sales processes and accommodate the unique needs of your wholesale buyers.
MerchandisingBookings and AppointmentsAllow customers to book appointments or reserve services directly through your WooCommerce store. Simplify scheduling and booking processes if your business offers services like appointments, consultations, rentals, etc.
MerchandisingBundlesGroup multiple products together and offer them as a single package at a discounted price. Create bundles to incentivize customers to purchase multiple items while increasing sales and offering value.
MerchandisingGiftsFacilitate the purchase and delivery of gift items on your store, including gift cards, certificates, and personalized gifts. Enhance the gifting experience for customers, allowing them to easily send gifts to friends and loved ones.
MerchandisingOrder OptionsExpand your store's order management and processing capabilities with additional options and features like order editing, splitting, and merging. Add flexibility and customization when managing orders to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
MerchandisingPricingOffer advanced pricing strategies and features, including dynamic pricing, tiered pricing, and role-based pricing. Implement competitive pricing strategies and tailor pricing based on customer segments or purchase behavior.
MerchandisingProduct DisplayEnhance product presentation and display options with advanced product galleries, sliders, and carousels. Showcase your products effectively, engage customers visually, and improve your overall shopping experience.
MerchandisingProduct OptionsExtend the capabilities of WooCommerce product options, by offering customizable product variations, like size, color, or configuration. Enable customers to personalize products to their preferences, increasing satisfaction and sales.
MerchandisingProduct VariationsManage and display product variations efficiently, including bulk variation editing, image swatches, and custom attributes. Streamline the management of complex product catalogs and improve the browsing experience for customers.
MerchandisingSubscriptionsOffer subscription-based products and services, including recurring billing, membership plans, and subscription management. Create recurring revenue streams, increase customer loyalty, and provide predictable revenue for your business.
Store Content and CustomizationsCart and Checkout FeaturesEnhance the functionality and user experience of your store's cart and checkout process with features like one-page checkout, advanced shipping options, additional payment gateways, and customizable checkout fields. Consider adding these extensions to streamline your checkout process, reduce cart abandonment, and improve conversion rates.
Store Content and CustomizationsInternational and LocalizationAdapt your WooCommerce store for international markets and localize content for different regions with features like multi-currency support, language translation, tax calculation based on location, and geolocation-based content. Cater to diverse audiences to expand your store's reach and increase sales globally.
Store Content and CustomizationsProduct Images and MediaImprove the presentation and visual appeal of product images and media on your WooCommerce store with features like image galleries, zoom functionality, video integration, and 360-degree product views. Enhance product visuals to showcase your products more effectively, engage customers, and increase conversion rates.
Store Content and CustomizationsSearch and NavigationImprove the search functionality and navigation options within your WooCommerce store with features like advanced search filters, autocomplete search suggestions, faceted search, and customizable navigation menus. Make it easier for customers to find products and navigate your store, enhance the user experience, and encourage repeat visits and purchases.
Store Content and CustomizationsStore Page EnhancementsCustomize and optimize store pages like your homepage, product pages, category pages, and landing pages with features like customizable templates, layout builders, sliders, banners, and call-to-action buttons. Improve the design and functionality of store pages to attract customers' attention, showcase products effectively, and drive more conversions.
Store ManagementBusiness InsightsAdd analytics and reporting tools to track key performance metrics like sales, revenue, customer behavior, and inventory levels. Gain valuable insights into your business operations, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance and drive growth.
Store ManagementImport and ExportImport and export product data, customer information, orders, and other essential data. Streamline data management processes, enable seamless migration from other platforms, and efficiently update large datasets, saving time and reducing manual errors.
Store ManagementMerchant FinancingAllow customers to improve their buying process and manage their accounts with financing options like loans, credit lines, and funding solutions, allowing you to invest in inventory, marketing, and expansion initiatives, and fostering business growth and scalability.
Store ManagementOrder ManagementStreamline order processing workflows, from order creation to fulfillment and shipment with features like order tracking, batch processing, automated notifications, and integration with shipping carriers. Optimize order management to improve efficiency, reduce fulfillment times, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Store ManagementPolicy and SecurityEnforce compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and PCI-DSS, and implement security measures to protect customer data and transactions. Add privacy policy generators, cookie consent tools, SSL certificate integration, and security audits to your store to build trust and credibility with customers.
Store ManagementSales Tax and DutiesAutomate the calculation and collection of sales tax, VAT, and duties based on the customer's location and the products purchased. Ensure compliance with tax regulations, minimize the risk of tax-related penalties, and simplify tax reporting and remittance processes.
Store ManagementAdmin and NotificationsEnhance the admin interface of WooCommerce withg additional functionalities like user roles and permissions management, customizable dashboards, and advanced notification settings. Efficiently manage your eCommerce operations, delegate tasks, and stay informed about important events and updates.
Store ManagementPoint of SaleEnable WooCommerce integration with point-of-sale (POS) system to synchronize inventory, sales, and customer data between your online and offline stores. Create a unified commerce experience, streamline omnichannel operations, and improve inventory management and customer service.
Store ManagementAccountingIntegrate your WooCommerce store with accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks and automate financial processes like invoice generation, expense tracking, and reconciliation. Syncing eCommerce data with accounting systems to streamline bookkeeping, improve financial visibility, and facilitate accurate financial reporting and analysis.
MarketingAdvertising and PromotionsCreate and manage advertising campaigns and promotions directly within your WooCommerce store with features like discount coupons, "buy one get one" (BOGO) deals, flash sales, and banner advertisements to attract customers and drive sales.
MarketingAutomationAutomate various marketing tasks like email marketing, social media posting, and customer segmentation. Streamline marketing workflows, save time, and ensure consistent communication with customers throughout their journey.
MarketingCRM (Customer Relationship Management)Integrate your WooCommerce store with CRM platforms to centralize customer data, track interactions, and nurture relationships. Get insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history for personalized marketing strategies and improved customer retention.
MarketingReporting and AnalyticsAdd advanced reporting and analytics tools to track key performance metrics like sales, conversion rates, and customer acquisition costs. Gain valuable insights into marketing effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and better inform your strategic decision-making.
MarketingSales ChannelsExpand the reach of your WooCommerce store by integrating with various sales channels, including marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, social media platforms, and comparison shopping engines. Enable multi-channel selling, increase brand visibility, and drive more traffic to your store.
MarketingSEO and SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing)Optimize your WooCommerce store for search engines, improving visibility and driving organic traffic with features like meta tag optimization, XML sitemap generation, keyword research, and PPC campaign management.
MarketingEmailFacilitate email marketing campaigns by providing tools for creating newsletters, automated emails, and targeted email sequences. Engage with customers, promote products, and drive conversions through personalized communication.
MarketingSocialIntegrate your store with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Enable social sharing, product tagging, and social media advertising to leverage the power of social networks for driving more traffic and increasing sales.

WooCommerce Collections

You can browse hundreds of  individual extensions for your store, or use WooCommerce’s curated extension collections of recommended extensions for different eCommerce uses to navigate the extensive library of extensions and get started quickly.

WooCommerce Collections
Get started quickly with extension bundles designed to suit various types of eCommerce businesses.

Here’s a brief description of each collection with links so you can see which extensions are included in each collection:

  • WooCommerce Essentials: Essential extensions you need to launch your business with WooCommerce.
  • Bookings Essentials: All the functionality you need to successfully sell bookings via your online store.
  • Sell in Person: The tools you need to sell anywhere using WooCommerce.
  • CBD Store Essentials: Make the most of your CBD (Cannabidiol) store by exploring these curated extensions.
  • DTC Essentials: Build your brand by marketing and selling directly to customers.
  • Grow Your Business: Extensions to help you grow and expand your business.
  • Launch Your Store: Prepare your store for launch with these must have extensions
  • Made by WooCommerce: Extensions exclusively made and supported by WooCommerce
  • Membership Essentials: Sell access to online content and products, or create exclusive discounts for members only.
  • Subscription Essentials: Build a subscriber base and earn recurring revenue with all the tools you need to sell a world-class subscription product.
  • Tech Essentials: Powerful solutions for unique product experiences such as composite products, bundles, and pre-ordering and more.
  • Top Marketing Solutions: Extensions to help you engage, retain, and scale.

For more details, click on the above links or visit the WooCommerce Collections page.

WooCommerce Themes

WooCommerce Themes
WooCommerce Themes are optimized for running eCommerce stores,

WordPress is so flexible and versatile, that you could use just about any WordPress theme you like to run your online store or eCommerce shop from.

There are differences, however, between using a purpose-built and designed eCommerce WordPress theme versus a regular WordPress theme.

Here are the main differences:

Design Focus

  • eCommerce Theme: Designed with a focus on showcasing products effectively, with features like prominent product displays, optimized product pages, and intuitive navigation for shopping.
  • Regular Theme: Generally designed for content-focused websites, with emphasis on blog posts, articles, and pages. May lack specific features tailored for eCommerce functionality.

eCommerce Functionality

  • eCommerce Theme: Includes built-in support for eCommerce features such as product catalogs, shopping carts, checkout pages, and payment gateway integration.
  • Regular Theme: Typically lacks native eCommerce functionality, requiring plugins like WooCommerce to be added separately for online selling capabilities.

Customization Options

  • eCommerce Theme: Offers customization options geared towards product presentation, such as different product layout styles, customizable product pages, and specialized widgets for showcasing products.
  • Regular Theme: Provides customization options for general website elements like headers, footers, colors, and typography, but may not have specific options tailored for eCommerce elements.

Performance Optimization

  • eCommerce Theme: Optimized for performance in handling product catalogs, ensuring fast loading times, efficient browsing, and smooth checkout processes.
  • Regular Theme: Performance optimizations may be more focused on content delivery and user engagement rather than eCommerce-specific functionality.

Support and Updates

  • eCommerce Theme: Often comes with dedicated support and regular updates to address eCommerce-related issues, ensure compatibility with eCommerce plugins, and add new features tailored for online stores.
  • Regular Theme: Support and updates may be more general-purpose, focusing on maintaining compatibility with WordPress core updates and addressing common website-related issues.

These differences are important and can impact the performance of your store. Choose the appropriate theme based on your specific needs (i.e. eCommerce functionality vs a content-focused website or blog).

WooCommerce offers dozens of professionally designed eCommerce WordPress themes created specifically to optimize your eCommerce site and user experience.

The themes covers all types (e.g. block themes, responsive themes, etc.) and industries.

Click on a link below to explore eCommerce themes in the following categories:

Other WordPress eCommerce Platforms

WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce platform for WordPress, but it is not the only one available.

Here are some alternative plugins to WooCommerce that also make it easy to turn your WordPress site into an online shop.


Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid is a highly popular and adaptable ecommerce platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses, offering a user-friendly solution for creating online stores.

Features and benefits:

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Ideal for businesses of varying sizes.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with existing websites, social media pages, blogs, and mobile apps. Can be used on a free site builder with no technical skills required.
  • Multi-Platform Selling: Allows selling on multiple platforms simultaneously, including instant sites, websites, social media, and marketplaces.
  • Diverse Selling Channels: Enables selling through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Integrates with major online marketplaces such as Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay.
  • Customizable Options: Provides a variety of selling options, including Instant Site, Website integration, and Buy Button placement on any website or blog.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration: Seamlessly connects online stores with POS systems for offline sales, ensuring inventory and orders are synchronized.
  • Mobile App Support: Offers mobile store apps for iOS and Android devices, enhancing accessibility and customer experience.
  • Dropshipping and Print-on-Demand: Facilitates partnerships with dropshipping and print-on-demand services, allowing sellers to expand their product offerings.
  • Subscription Services and Shipping Benefits: Enables easy setup of subscription-based services and offers discounted shipping rates for merchants.
  • Easy Setup and Management: Simplifies store setup, product addition, and customization through a user-friendly control panel.
  • Robust Features for WordPress: Offers a powerful and easy-to-use shopping cart compatible with WordPress sites.
  • Unlimited Storage and Security: Hosts store data on secure cloud servers with unlimited storage, automatic backups, and seamless upgrades.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Provides mobile-responsive design, ensuring optimal viewing on various devices.
  • Extensibility: Supports numerous extensions and a powerful API for further customization and functionality enhancement.
  • Free Plan and Upgrade Options: Offers a Forever Free plan with no hidden or setup charges or transaction fees, allowing merchants to scale up with premium plans as needed.

In summary, Ecwid is a versatile and robust ecommerce solution suitable for businesses looking to establish and expand their online presence effectively. Whether selling on websites, social media, or marketplaces, Ecwid provides the tools and support needed for successful online sales.

More info: Ecwid

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads
Easy Digital Downloads – Digital eCommerce Plugin For WordPress

Easy Digital Downloads is a

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is another popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, trusted by over 50,000+ businesses.

Features include:

  • Effortless Setup: Start selling within minutes, no coding required.
  • Secure Payments: Ensure safe transactions with support for major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Subscription Billing: Offer flexible payment options, including subscriptions, to cater to diverse customer preferences.
  • Discounts Made Easy: Create customizable discount codes to boost conversions effortlessly.
  • Robust eCommerce Platform: Sell digital products seamlessly with a user-friendly interface and full-featured shopping cart.
  • Unlimited File Downloads: No extra charges for bandwidth usage, allowing you to distribute digital products hassle-free.
  • Customer-Centric Features: Enhance the customer experience with intuitive WordPress blocks and automatic access control.
  • Extensive Integrations: Seamlessly connect with over 100 popular services like Stripe, PayPal, and Mailchimp for streamlined business management.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Analyze sales, customer behavior, and product performance to make informed decisions and drive growth.
  • Exceptional Support: Benefit from reliable customer support focused on helping your business thrive.

Easy Digital Downloads is great option for small businesses.

More info: Easy Digital Downloads

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart
WP EasyCart – WordPress Shopping Cart

WP EasyCart is an eCommerce solution for WordPress, trusted by thousands of successful sellers worldwide.

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Solution: Sell anything online effortlessly with WP EasyCart’s comprehensive eCommerce plugin.
  • Risk-Free Trial: WP EasyCart offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, ensuring a risk-free experience.
  • Alternative to WooCommerce: Developed over a decade ago, WP EasyCart offers a user-friendly eCommerce solution.
  • Feature-Packed: You get a feature-packed plugin in one package, saving you time and money on additional features.
  • Simple Installation:Effortlessly kickstart your online store.
  • Flexible Design: WP EasyCart provides predesigned templates and offers flexibility for customization.

WP EasyCart emerged from the necessity to provide a quick and flexible solution for eCommerce projects, catering to the needs of online businesses with simplicity and effectiveness.

More info: WP EasyCart

For additional plugins, see: WordPress eCommerce Plugins – A Comprehensive Guide

WooCommerce – FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions about WordPress eCommerce and WooCommerce:

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce, or electronic commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services over the internet. It encompasses various online transactions, including online retail, digital products, subscriptions, and services.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that enables users to create and manage online stores directly from their WordPress websites. It provides essential e-commerce functionality such as product management, checkout processes, and payment gateway integration.

What is the difference between WordPress eCommerce and WooCommerce?

WordPress eCommerce refers to the broader concept of using WordPress to build an online store, which can involve various plugins and methods. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a specific plugin developed for WordPress, dedicated solely to eCommerce functionalities, making it a popular choice for online store creation.

Is WooCommerce free to use?

Yes, WooCommerce is free to download and use. However, you may need to pay for additional extensions or themes to enhance its functionality or appearance.

Is WooCommerce SEO-friendly?

Yes, WooCommerce is SEO-friendly and provides tools to optimize your store for search engines. You can customize metadata, create SEO-friendly URLs, and integrate with SEO plugins like Yoast SEO to improve your store’s visibility .

How do I install WooCommerce?

You can install WooCommerce directly from the WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New, search for “WooCommerce,” then click “Install Now” and “Activate”.

What payment gateways does WooCommerce support?

WooCommerce supports various payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more. You can choose the ones that best suit your business needs.

How can I customize my WooCommerce store?

You can customize your WooCommerce store through WordPress themes and extensions. Themes control the appearance, while extensions add functionality such as payment gateways, shipping options, and product variations. You can also customize the appearance of your WooCommerce store by choosing a suitable WooCommerce-compatible theme and using the built-in customization options or by using custom CSS.

Can WooCommerce handle digital products?

Yes, WooCommerce supports the sale of digital products like ebooks, software, or music downloads. You can upload digital files and set them as products for sale.

Can I sell both physical and digital products with WooCommerce?

Yes, WooCommerce allows you to sell both physical and digital products. You can set up download links for digital products and manage inventory for physical ones.

What are the different product types in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce supports six default product types: Simple, Grouped, External/Affiliate, Variable, Virtual, and Downloadable.

What is a Simple product?

A simple product is a basic product with no variations (e.g. individual items like a book or a phone). Simple products are managed individually with unique SKUs.

What is a Grouped product?

A grouped product is a collection of related products sold together. Customers can choose from the grouped items. Grouped items have no individual prices or stock numbers.

What is an External/Affiliate product?

These are pProducts listed on your site but sold elsewhere. Users will be redirected to another site for purchase. With affiliate products, you earn a commission for referrals.

What is a Variable product?

Variable products are products with multiple variations (e.g., size, color). Each variation can have its price, SKU, and stock level. Customers can choose from the different options available before purchasing.

What is the difference between Virtual and Downloadable products?

Virtual products are intangible goods or services (e.g., memberships, subscriptions) that do not require shipping. Downloadable products are digital files (e.g., ebooks, music) that customers can download after purchase.

Can I integrate WooCommerce with my existing WordPress website?

Yes, WooCommerce seamlessly integrates with WordPress, allowing you to add eCommerce functionality to your existing website without significant changes.

How can I track orders and manage inventory in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce provides built-in tools for order tracking and inventory management. You can monitor orders, update statuses, and receive notifications for low stock levels.

Is WooCommerce secure for online transactions?

Yes, WooCommerce prioritizes security, offering regular updates and adhering to industry standards. Additionally, you can enhance security further through SSL certificates and secure payment gateways.

What are some essential WooCommerce extensions?

Essential WooCommerce extensions include payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, shipping calculators, product add-ons, and email marketing integrations.

Does WooCommerce support multiple currencies?

Yes, WooCommerce allows you to sell products in multiple currencies by using currency switcher plugins or built-in currency conversion features.

How do I optimize my WooCommerce store for search engines?

To optimize your WooCommerce store for search engines, focus on optimizing product titles, descriptions, and metadata, improving site speed, creating high-quality content, and building quality backlinks.

How can I increase the domain authority of my WordPress eCommerce site?

You can increase the domain authority of your WordPress eCommerce site by focusing on building high-quality backlinks, improving site speed and user experience, creating valuable content, and ensuring technical SEO best practices are implemented.


Here are some additional useful resources for managing your eCommerce site:

Hopefully, this tutorial has given you a better understanding of using WordPress to set up and run an eCommerce store.

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Updated: May 9th, 2024

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