“Attention WordPress Website Developers: Would You Like Expertly Written ‘Done For You’ Lead Generation Content Every Month To Help You Sell More WordPress Services & Train New Clients?”

*** If You Sell WordPress Website Development Services, Please Read Every Word Below Carefully … ***

Martin Aranovitch - WordPress educator and trainer

Martin Aranovitch

Every year, more businesses are started selling WordPress services. If you build WordPress websites or are thinking of starting your own web services business, this means more competition looking for new clients every year.

I have been writing content to educate businesses about the benefits of using WordPress almost since WordPress itself began (you can learn more about me here and you can check out some of the testimonials I’ve received from previous clients about the quality of my WordPress-related content further below.).

I Want To Help A Limited Number Of WordPress Service Providers Get More Clients …

I am currently trying to assess whether there is enough interest for a unique and exclusive service where I will provide ‘done for you’ premium-quality lead generation and training content to help a limited number of WordPress website developers sell more services.

If you build WordPress websites or provide WordPress-related services, I can provide the content you need to hep you find new clients, train your clients and keep your clients loyal.

Note: I am not talking about writing “fluffy” articles with generic content like most of the stuff you can get from cheap or inexperienced freelance article writers. I am talking about expertly written content created by someone with 14+ years of experience that no one else will write for you for less than several thousand dollars a month!

The idea behind this service is simple …

If you were to hire my services exclusively to create lead generation articles, videos, special reports, email content, social media posts, etc. and client training content for your business, you would be charged many thousands of dollars per month.

Instead of doing all the above work each month for just one client, I’ve decided to make the service affordable by allowing a limited number of clients to access the content for a fraction of the cost!

The exclusive ‘Elite’ membership service will only be made available to a very limited number of members. I will create all the content and your business will have a massive advantage over other competitors for a few hundred dollars a month. Once the maximum membership number has been reached, the doors will close and no one else will have access to this unique service.

If after reading everything below you think you would be interested in using this service, please fill out the email form further below to register your interest.

Let me tell you briefly then, about the exclusive ‘Elite’ membership service I propose to deliver …

What The Exclusive ‘Elite’ Membership Will Include:

Client Lead Generation Content

Exclusive members of our ‘Elite’ service will receive the following ‘done for you’ content each month:

Monthly Lead Generation Article

As an elite member, you will receive a lead generation article every month focused on educating prospects and visitors about topics that will help you sell more services.

Each article will be of exceedingly high quality, expertly written, well researched, comprehensive and very detailed, with screenshots, images, and source files included. Average minimum article length = 1,500 – 2,500 words. There is no maximum word limit (I will write as much as is required to make sure that the article fully covers the topic and is effective).

Your lead generation content will cover topics that will help you sell more services like:

  • Website Development
  • Website Planning
  • WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Configuration & Set Up
  • WordPress Maintenance & Management
  • WordPress Support & Troubleshooting
  • WordPress Security
  • Social Media Marketing With WordPress
  • Email Marketing & Landing Page Design
  • e-Commerce Sites & Setup
  • WordPress Theme Customization & Theme Redesign
  • Plugin Installation, Enhancing Website Functionality & WordPress Plugin Development
  • Lead Generation Strategies Using WordPress
  • Search Engine Ranking Strategies Using WordPress, SEO
  • Digital Marketing Automation
  • etc.

You will have full Private Label Rights to these articles. This will allow you to edit, customize, and use these articles however you like to help educate and sell prospects and visitors on using your web services. Source images and graphics will also be included.

To see examples of the quality of my content writing, please visit the site below and explore any of the hundreds of detailed tutorials I have written: https://wpcompendium.org

Note: Keep in mind that the content published on the above site are DIY tutorials for non-techies. Your lead generation articles will focus on helping prospects understand how to get better results using the strategies and methods discussed with the help of someone like your business or agency.

Monthly Video

An accompanying video related to the monthly article topic will be included with all powerpoint slides and original video source files (Camtasia) so you can edit and customize the video, personalize it with your own intro and outro, etc.

Each month, a Professional Sales/Presentation/Educational Video with powerpoint slides and original source files will also be included, so you can edit and customize the video with your own intro and outro.

The video will explain to prospects the concepts and challenges involved in implementing methods and strategies related to the monthly topic and how expert help or assistance can benefit their business, making it easier for prospects to contact you for more information.

For samples of videos that I’ve created, click on the links below:

Downloadable Report

Every month, you will also receive a comprehensive Downloadable Report or Guide related to the topic with source files included that you can use as a lead magnet, bonus,or additional content to entice visitors and prospects to join your email/newsletter/updates list.

To view some examples of guides I’ve written, go here:


Email/Newsletter Content

Included with your monthly membership will be content that you can add to your email sequence or prospecting pipeline to promote your article and/or bonus report in emails or newsletters. You can edit and further customize the content, add a link pointing to the article on your website or a download page for your report, etc.

To view examples of content I have written for email newsletters and email courses, visit the links below and sign up as a subscriber:

Social Media Content

Content for your social media platforms referencing the monthly article will be included along with all source files. You can edit and further customize the content, add a link pointing to the article on your website, and post it on your social platforms.

Client Training Content

Rebrandable WordPress User Manual

As an ‘Elite’ member, you will get instant accesss to the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual giving you unlimited rebrands and unlimited distribution of rebranded and personalized client manuals.

Original .DOC Files Of All The Manual’s Documentation With Private Label Rights

I have spent YEARS creating all the content that users can access from the manual and MONTHS condensing this information into 500+ comprehensive pages of detailed ‘step-by-step’ documentation on how to use a WordPress site effectively.

This component alone will be worth the entire membership fee, as the manual’s original .DOC files are worth TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 

(‘Elite’ members will have access to source documentation!)

As an ‘Elite’ member, you will have access to the original .DOC files of all the manual’s training content, delivered in monthly installments, with full Private Label Rights allowing you to fully edit and customize the content to suit your needs. You will be able to add and change the content in the manual sections as you please, use it as web content, turn it into client checklists, etc.

In short, you will be getting a complete blueprint for training clients to use WordPress that you can fully customize and use to create new articles, additional tutorials, downloadable guides, etc.

Instant Access To All PDF Sections Of The WordPress User Manual

As well as the monthly installments of the original manual documentation, you will also get instant access to all PDF sections of the manual (so you can create customized training manuals for your clients where we keep the content up-to-date on your behalf).

Higher Affiliate Commissions On Video Courses

Inside each of the WordPress User Manual’s resources sections are links to video courses hosted on our WordPress video training site (WPMasterclasses.com). The rebrandable manual allows you to add your own affiliate ID and earn referral commissions on sales of video courses generated when users click on recommended video course links inside the manual and purchase a course or the ‘All Access Pass’ which gives them access to all video courses for a monthly subscription fee (and can earn you a recurring monthly income for as long as the customers you’ve referred stay actively subscribed).

Currently, affiliates receive 35% commission on sales of all video courses . As an ‘Elite’ member, you will receive a 65% affiliate commission when users click on links in the manual and purchase any recommended video courses or the ‘All Access Pass’.

Are You Interested In This Service? Then Here’s The Next Step …

If the proposed service described above is something that you would definitely be interested in being a part of, then please add your name and email address to the form below. Your input will then help me assess whether this service is something worth making available, and will be used to make important decisions such as how many members will be allowed to participate, how much to charge each month for the service, and any additional resources you would like included in the service.

What Others Have Said About My WordPress Training Content …

Here are just of the testimonials I’ve received about the WordPress training content I’ve created over the years:

“I am beyond impressed with what you have put together. I can tell that you put a ton of hard work into building what you have. You have the absolute best content on WordPress I have ever seen!”

Robert T. Jillie

“Your training is the best in the world! It is simple, yet detailed, direct, understandable, memorable, and complete.”

Andrea Adams, FinancialJourney.org

“I was absolutely amazed at the scope and breadth of these tutorials. I challenge anybody to find better value for money! The most in-depth training I have ever received on any subject!”

Myke O’Neill, DailyGreenPost.com

“I have used the tutorials to teach all of my clients and it has probably never been so easy for everyone to learn WordPress. It is very pedagogic structured. Now I don’t need to buy all these very expensive video courses that often don’t deliver what they promise.”

Stefan Wendt, Internet Marketing Success Group

“You guys are beyond being awesome, you deliver on your promises and it did not take weeks, just a few days to create something from scratch to satisfy your customers. You already gave so much for so little. I will be continually grateful and appreciate all that you and your team continue to do for your customers. You guys are part of the rare breed that put their customers first.”

Jim Davis, Riverview, NB, Canada, FunToBeRich.com

“I’m really liking this. I’m not much of a writer so having content done for me that I can simply change around is quite helpful. I’m looking forward to more content!”

Ron Crowley, VeryWP.us

“I am currently paying people to write content for my blog on my WordPress web design site. This could potentially be a huge help … because my biggest problem has been that I have to rewrite everything I receive. *YAWN* not fun. If this could end that, I will be extremely thrilled.”

Jason, Warrior Forum

“Just purchased and wanted to report the content is terrific. Very well written and the after sales support I needed was also excellent. Highly recommended!”

Dale Reardon, OnlineBeginnersHub.com

“I’ve been wanting to start a WordPress website with tutorials, etc., for awhile, but didn’t know how I could find the time to write all the content. This helps me enormously. Thanks!”

Sprucehill, Warrior Forum

“I have got very interested in using WordPress for local business website creation and for various small personal online blogs and ventures of my own. More recently I had planned on getting more into Website and online services for local offline business owners and also ramping up my own IM projects and ventures. Your product gets the definitely gold medal for energy, added resources and the attention to detail that simplifies the whole process. It would appear that the intention is that nothing be left out … users are pro-actively invited to make suggestions as to improvements and additions. The accompanying step by step user instruction goes into so much more detail than is normal with explaining the workings of digital products. I have been very impressed with the product as a whole!”

Colm, Warrior Forum

FAQs …

How Many Members Will Be Allowed To Join This Exclusive Service?

The limit will depend on how much each member is willing to invest per month for the service, but I guarantee that the maximum number of members will be small and that doors will be permanently closed to new members once this limit has been reached.

In order to make the service cost-effective and viable, the less members, the higher the monthly subscription, but we also can’t have too many members, as this will then devalue this unique and exclusive opportunity.

If you think you’d be interested in using this service, please subscribe above. You will receive an email asking for your input on what you would like the maximum number of members to be, membership pricing, etc.

How Much Will This Service Cost?

Membership price will depend on the maximum number of members the service will be offered to. If you think you’d be interested in using this service, let me know by subscribing above. After subscribing, you will receive an email asking your input on areas like how much you would be willing to pay if this service was all that you expected and more.

Can We Suggest Ideas For Lead Generation Content?

Of course! This service is about helping you get more clients. Your ideas, suggestions, and feedback will be very welcome and used to help make decisions. If you’re interested in using this service, please let me know by subscribing above. You will then have an opportunity to contribute your ideas and suggestions.

I Need This Now … When Will This Service Launch?

I plan to launch this service as soon as I have the minimum number of members I need to make this service viable.

If you want to receive further information and be kept up-to-date on developments about the proposed ‘Elite’ membership, please subscribe using the form above.

Can I Purchase The Rebrandable Manual Now And Upgrade To Elite Later?

Absolutely. You can purchase and start using the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual now and register your interest in the ‘Elite’ membership by filling in the form above. If we launch the proposed ‘Elite’ membership, I’ll make sure you can upgrade later by only paying the difference.