How To Start A WordPress Training Business Working From Home

Start a WordPress training services business working from home.

Start a WordPress training services business working from home.

Looking for a plan B to increase your financial security in these uncertain times? Then consider starting a digital training business helping businesses learn how to use WordPress.

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Businesses are currently struggling as a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic. Although things can seem dire and hopeless at times, the best thing you can do is look for opportunities to help yourself and others improve their situation.

Starting your own home-based WordPress training business provides a great opportunity to increase your financial security.

In this post, we explore why WordPress training is a great business opportunity and how to get started as a WordPress business trainer.

WordPress Training Services: A Low-Cost, Low-Risk Global Business Opportunity

A WordPress training services business offers you a global home-based business opportunity!

Consider the potential opportunity of starting your own digital business training services in the WordPress industry:

1. Millions of businesses have or will have a website

A website can provide a struggling business with a lifeline in difficult times…if they know how to use it effectively!

In times of financial uncertainty, a website can provide struggling businesses with a lifeline to new and existing customers and continued sales, especially where other forms of trading (e.g. in-store) have been significantly disrupted.

Businesses can only take advantage of this lifeline, however, if they know how to use their website effectively.

Although many businesses would like to outsource every aspect of their website management to experts, the reality is that many simply cannot afford to do this.

Besides being costly and impractical, outsourcing everything to external providers is also very risky. What happens if the person or agency they depend on to manage their online presence suddenly vanishes or goes out of business?

By teaching businesses how to use their WordPress site effectively, you can help them feel more empowered and secure no matter what happens.

2. Most websites run on WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular website-building platform for CMS websites. Source: builtwith.com

WordPress powers over one-third of the world’s websites.

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system (CMS) and website-building platform.

Millions of websites around the world run on WordPress.

Search online for stats on the growth of the WordPress industry and you will see that it continues to grow year after year.

More people are starting WordPress web development businesses, which means more WordPress users in need of training on how to use their websites effectively.

By choosing to start a WordPress training business, you are positioning your services in a growing and expanding market.

3. All WordPress sites use the same basic features

No matter what type of website businesses build using WordPress, they all share the same fundamental features and functionality. Everything from personal blogs to small business websites, to professional business and corporate sites, directories, portfolio sites…even large eCommerce stores!

This means that:

  1. You can approach any type of business for your services, and
  2. When you teach someone the fundamentals of using their WordPress site effectively, they can then run any kind of website built with WordPress.
All WordPress sites share the same basic features.

4. WordPress website owners and end-users are not techies

Most WordPress end-users are not techies…they just want results!

Website owners and end-users are not interested in learning how to build websites or how to edit code…they just want results!

Most WordPress tutorials and online courses, however, are aimed at technical people like website developers and offer very little help to non-techies.

In other words, many non-techie WordPress users need someone who can:

None of the above qualities require technical skills. It’s all about helping other people succeed.

5. Many website developers don’t have the time or resources to train their clients effectively

Most website developers lack the time to train their clients effectively.

Most website developers building small business websites are freelancers or self-employed technicians, not trainers and teachers.

It’s highly unlikely, then, that businesses whose primary focus is on building websites, will have invested much time and effort into putting together an effective WordPress training program for their clients.

So, where does this leave the client?

Many small businesses get a website and are then mostly left on their own. These clients then either:

So, what does all of the above mean for you? Simple…you have a huge opportunity in an expanding global industry to provide WordPress training services to businesses run by non-technical end-users.

Now that you are aware of the opportunity, let’s explore the pros and cons of starting a digital training business teaching businesses how to use their WordPress site effectively.

Benefits and Advantages of Starting a WordPress Training Business

Starting a digital training business is an ideal way to build an additional income stream. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Be Your Own Boss

You can start your business part-time, working the hours you choose and scale it to a level that suits your needs and your individual goals. You are in complete control of your financial future.

2. Home/Remote Based

You can start a global training business working remotely from home (or anywhere in the world), teaching, and empowering clients to use WordPress, using inexpensive online conferencing tools (e.g. Zoom), email, and your desktop computer, laptop or your phone.

3. Low Cost / Low Risk

You can start a global training business working remotely from home (or anywhere in the world), teaching, and empowering clients to use WordPress, using inexpensive online conferencing tools (e.g. Zoom), email, and your desktop computer, laptop or your phone.

4. 100% Information-Based Service

Your business can be run with no additional overheads. No renting physical premises or storage facilities, and no worrying about incurring additional costs like transportation, shipping, or delivery.

5. The World Is Your Market

As already mentioned, WordPress is a growing, global industry, powering millions of websites around the world. As more websites get built using WordPress, more users will need to be trained on how to use their WordPress site.

6. No Technical Skills Required

You’re not building websites for people, you’re training them how to use their websites. No coding or web development skills are required.

7. No Handling Of Physical Products

Your clients supply the website. You’re simply showing them how to use what they’ve got. Everything can be delivered digitally and electronically via a website, email, laptop, or mobile device.

8. No Employees Required

If you want, you can run a global business as a self-employed individual. Or, you can build and run a training agency and hire staff. It’s completely up to you.

9. A Unique Niche In A Global Market

As mentioned earlier, most websites are powered by WordPress and most WordPress website developers simply don’t have the time to train their clients effectively, if at all.

Additionally, as more people start their own freelance website development businesses or agencies offering WordPress web development services, this results in more WordPress website users needing to be trained.

You can provide WordPress training services to businesses directly or contract your services to website development companies, digital marketing agencies, hosting or content providers, etc. to help train and empower their clients (we’ll explore this option in more detail shortly).

10. Unlimited Growth Potential

Most of your training and content delivery can be leveraged and automated via online tutorials, videos, email courses, etc. This allows you to work with as many new clients as you like.

Benefits of starting a WordPress training business

Now that we have listed the pros, let’s examine the cons…

The Challenges of Creating WordPress Training Content

There are really no cons to starting a digital training business. The challenges are mostly focused on creating the training content that your business will deliver to clients. Here are the main challenges:

1. Writing & Updating Content Is Extremely Time Consuming

Planning, researching, and developing an effective WordPress training program, creating WordPress courses, organizing training modules, writing tutorials from scratch, and then keeping all of your training resources and documentation up-to-date is extremely time-consuming.

All this needs to happen before you start finding and training clients.

So…what about outsourcing the writing of your training content to experts?

2. Hiring Expert Writers Is Very Costly

Hiring expert writers to create expert WordPress training content is very expensive. Try it and you will see.

You can find lots of cheap freelance article writers who will tell you that they know WordPress. What you can expect to get for your money, however, are low-quality generic articles that are ineffective and unsuitable for training businesses to use WordPress professionally. Again, if you need to be convinced of this, try it.

There are also hidden expenses when it comes to outsourcing your content writing. These expenses include the time cost of:

The last point above is especially challenging because…

3. Keeping Up With WordPress Changes is Difficult

In addition to the time-consuming and resource-intensive aspect of creating and managing all your training content, WordPress is continually changing and evolving.

This makes updating your training content and tracking changes made in your training documentation challenging, difficult, and oftentimes quite frustrating.

Unless you have great systems in place, which is another challenge in itself.

4. Managing Training Resources Requires Documentation & Systems

Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that most online WordPress tutorials are aimed at technical users like web developers and not end-users themselves.

Let’s assume that most website developers do, in fact, provide their clients with WordPress training.

Without effective documentation and systems in place to manage, update, and track changes, however, the information contained in their training (e.g. video tutorials, screenshots, etc.) will quickly become outdated or obsolete. In other words, ineffective.

So, the challenges of training clients to use WordPress have mostly to do with creating, updating, and managing the training content used, not the business itself.

Creating WordPress training content has many challenges.

This is where WPTrainingManual.com can help you.


WordPress White Label Client Training Content (Elite Membership)

Our expertly-written and completely “done-for-you” time-saving and money-saving white label WordPress training content allows you to start your own WordPress training business with all the benefits and advantages described above and none of the content creation downsides.

Below is a summary of the content available through our exclusive and limited Elite Membership service:

WordPress User Manual

You get the fully editable version of our 500+ page WordPress Step-By-Step User Manual, plus the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual.

This gives you the freedom to create a custom WordPress training manual for your clients, or use a manual that we keep up-to-date and you can brand with your business and client details.

The Rebrandable version of the WordPress User Manual does not include the WPTrainingManual.com logo.

Learn more about the Rebrandable manual | Get full details about the Elite Membership

White Label WordPress Tutorials

We provide over 120+ detailed and fully editable WordPress tutorials that you can edit, customize, and use however you like to train your clients. Publish them on your site, add them to a private training or membership site, recompile them into downloadable PDF guides, etc.

Here are just some of the 120+ tutorials you will get as an Elite Member (click on the links to learn more about each of these tutorials and view a sample):

The WordPress Dashboard

How To Create A Post In WordPress - Part 1

How To Use WordPress Tags

How To Use The WordPress Classic Editor

How To Plan Your Website - Part 3

WordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages

How To Reset Your WordPress Password

How To Use WordPress Post Categories

50+ Reasons To Choose WordPress

A Guide To HTML Formatting In WordPress

How To Use And Configure WordPress Widgets - Part 2

How To Use The WordPress Quick-Edit Feature

See the complete list of white label WordPress tutorials | Learn more and get full details about the Elite Membership

WordPress Training Site Template

We provide a complete WordPress training site template with placeholders for all your WordPress tutorials and video tutorials on how to set it up on your own domain.

A WordPress training tutorials template is included with your Elite Membership.

Learn more and get full details about the Elite Membership

Client Training Emails

We provide over 200+ client training emails, divided into two complete email course:

Put your lead generation and client training on autopilot withover 200+ customizable client training emails.

Learn more and get full details about the Elite Membership

Video Tutorials

Although we do not create video tutorials ourselves, we have built a massive WordPress and Digital Business video training library of practical video tutorials (almost 2,000 video lessons and dozens of video courses).

Provide your clients with access to almost 2,000 WordPress and Digital Business video tutorials.

These videos are currently only available through our video training membership site at WPMasterclasses.com.

As an Elite Member, you get full reseller access to this video training membership site.

We’ll give you a special code that lets you add as many clients as you want to the membership site, charge them whatever you like…and you keep 100% of the profits!

Note: We also provide links to our video suppliers in the Elite Member’s area if you prefer to set up and host your own video tutorials.

Learn more and get full details about the Elite Membership

Lead Generation Guides

In addition to all of the above, we provide editable lead generation guides that you can edit, customize, save as PDF reports, and use to entice prospects to subscribe to your email list or newsletter.

Use these editable guides to generate new leads for your business.

Learn more and get full details about the Elite Membership

How to Start Your WordPress Training Services Business

Now that you understand the opportunity, benefits, and challenges involved, let me take you through the steps I recommend following to start your own WordPress Training services business:

Step 1 – Become An Elite Member

If you’ve researched this opportunity and decided that this is something you’d like to pursue, the first thing I recommend you do is to become an elite member so you can start downloading, customizing, and building your WordPress client training documentation.

I have been teaching and training businesses to use WordPress almost since WordPress itself began and I’ve spent over 8+ years developing, writing, and updating the training content that you will receive as an Elite Member.

I can confidently state that no other writer will be willing to invest the same amount of time I have invested into creating this content for you and that nothing else compares to the quality of the content and the quantity of content I am offering you…especially for the price!

Keep in mind, this is not a “business in a box” opportunity. My Elite Membership service is designed to help you save time and money creating WordPress training content for your business. We won’t build you a website or send you business leads. We do, however, provide lots of useful training and information to help you succeed in your WordPress training business if you do decide to become a member.

I recommend having a website for your business (powered by WordPress, of course!), as it will demonstrate to your clients that you are a product of your product (just like I’ve built this WordPress site to promote and sell my products and services).

If you don’t already have a website and feel that you need one, you can get one built inexpensively by a website developer or, even better, learn how to build it yourself. I provide free step-by-step tutorials on how to build and configure a WordPress site on WPCompendium.org (see the WordPress installation and WordPress configuration tutorials).

Additionally, if you choose to build your own WordPress site, you can use your special video membership reseller pass to access video tutorials on WPMasterclasses.com, like our video course on how to build a WordPress site.

[Note: As I am currently updating all of the white label tutorials, I am offering the Elite Membership at a very special discounted price for a limited time and number of spots. So…the best time to join is now! I will never offer this again at the current price and once the limited spots are gone, the price will increase!]

Go Here To Learn More About Becoming An Elite Member

Step 2 – Subscribe To Our Elite Member Training Emails

After becoming an Elite Member, make sure to subscribe to our Elite Member training emails in your member’s area. These emails provide training, tips, and information designed to help you better train your clients and grow your training services business.

Step 3 – Create Your Own WordPress Client Training Program

The white label WordPress training content in the Elite Membership gives you complete flexibility in the way you choose to customize the content you will use to train your clients.

You can edit, customize, and use the content however you see fit. You can use it to:

There are two main options when it comes to training your clients:

  1. Use the Rebrandable Manual – With the rebrandable manual, we keep all the content up-to-date. You then simply rebrand the document with your and your clients’ business details and distribute the branded PDF files to your clients. Choose this option if you want a fast, simple, and effective way to train your clients.
  2. Customize The Content – This option gives you complete control over your training content. You can fully edit and customize the 500+ page WordPress User Manual, white-label tutorials, training emails, and lead generation guides however you like. Note, however, that once you edit these files, you are responsible for keeping your training content updated. We will provide updates to the original files, which you can download from your Elite member’s area, but we cannot update any files that you have modified and are currently using to train your clients. You can learn more about how we keep all documentation updated here.

If you need help putting together an effective WordPress client training program, see the WordPress Client Training guide section of this site. Here you will find new articles and tutorials being regularly added to help you deliver better client training and grow your WordPress training services business.

For example, see this article where we have broken down all the white label content into effective WordPress client training modules.

Is This Business Opportunity Right For You?

Only you can answer this question. I invite you to examine all of the information provided on this website and do your own dilligence before making your decision.

The WordPress industry is expanding. More and more businesses will own a WordPress site and their users will require effective training to get better results online.

Starting a WordPress training service allows you to work from home, train clients remotely, and operate an information-only business with no physical product handling, overheads, employees, etc.

If you already provide WordPress-related services like website development, web hosting, website maintenance, technical support, digital marketing, etc. offering high-quality client training will allow you to upsell services and set you apart from your competitors.

And if you offer no additional services, you can start a WordPress training service focusing exclusively on training, teaching, and educating businesses and grow your clientele by either partnering with or contracting to other service providers, or contacting businesses directly.

Go Here To Learn More About Becoming An Elite Member

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