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How To Set Up The WordPress Tutorials Template For Your WordPress Training Site

A WordPress Tutorials Template is included as part of the Elite Membership. This template contains placeholders for all 120+ tutorials provided to Elite and includes tutorial titles and featured images, plus categories and tags that will save you time setting up a training site for your clients and creating internal links in your content.

The video below shows you how to set up the WordPress Tutorials Template. A step-by-step tutorial is also provided below.

(video coming soon)

Setting Up The WordPress Tutorials Template: Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Install WordPress

You will need to install WordPress on your domain before you can set up the template.

We recommend creating a separate WordPress installation for your training site on a subfolder or subdomain (e.g. yourdomain.com/wordpress-training or wptraining.yourdomain.com).

We recommend creating your training site on a new WordPress installation.

Note: this template is designed to assist WordPress service providers train their clients. It assumes that you already know how to use WordPress, but if you need help installing WordPress, please refer to my WordPress Installation Tutorials.)

2. Import Template

Download the template file to your hard drive.

Next, extract the zip folder, which contains the following files:

After installing WordPress, download and extract the WPTutorialsTemplate.zip file from your Member’s area (Month 1 content) to your hard drive.

  • Read Me – This file contains links to tutorials on how to set up your template, plus links to a basic theme file you can use and the plugin we recommend installing for displaying your tutorial links.
  • Tutorial Images & PSD File – We’ve included generic featured images for each tutorial and a PSD file for customizing these images.
  • wp-training-site.xml – This is the template file you will need to import into your training site.
Extracted zip file content.

Log into your new WordPress training site and and go to Tools > Import

WordPress Tools > Import

Once the import tool has been installed, locate the wp-training-site.xml template file on your hard drive and click Open

Locate the template file on your hard drive.

Click ‘Upload file and import’ to upload the file…

If the file loads successfully, you will see a confirmation message like the one shown in the screenshot below.

File imported successfully!

All files should now be uploaded to your new WordPress installation.

120+ Tutorial placeholders.

3. Working With Tutorials

All tutorial placeholders will display on your Table of Posts.

Your WordPress Tutorials should display in your Table of Posts

Click on any post title to open up the tutorial post and replace ‘Coming soon…’ with your tutorial content.

Tutorial page sample.

Note: This template will make it easier to create internal links in your tutorials by linking content to existing placeholder posts.

You can sort and filter tutorials by categories and tags. This will make it easier to add new tutorials when you receive each new monthly instalment. Just click on the month (e.g. 03, 06, 08, etc.) to filter tutorials assigned to that month. After adding your tutorial content, feel free to leave, delete, or rename the category.

Sort and filter tutorials by categories and tags.

4. Set Your WordPress Training Homepage

Make sure to set the WordPress Tutorials page as your home page in Settings > Reading Settings > Your homepage displays > A static page.

You may need to install the WordPress Classic plugin if you prefer working in the Classic Editor.

This template should work with any WordPress theme. The free theme with a grid-layout shown below is called Galaxis.

WordPress Theme Galaxis

You can use a free plugin called Content Views to display a list of tutorials using a grid layout on the main training page as shown above.

Content Views plugin.

The free Content Views plugin is all you need to display a simple Training Page. If you want to display post excerpts for your tutorials, perform advanced grouping, filtering, and sorting functions, or use different page layouts, however, consider upgrading the plugin to the PRO version.

Below are the settings I’ve used to display the grid layout on the training page.

In the Filter Settings tab, make sure to select Content type: Post.

In the Advanced section tick the Sort by checkbox, select ID and Ascending order.

Sort by ID

In the Display Settings tab, select the following:

  • Layout: Grid
  • Items per row: 4 (change this to whatever you like, e.g. 2, 3, 5, etc.)
  • Format: Show thumbnail & text vertically.
  • Fields settings: Show Thumbnail | Show Title.
  • Title: HTML tag = h4
  • Size: Medium 300 x 300
  • Pagination: Enable (set number of items per page, e,g, 24)

Click Save to update your settings.

Copy the shortcode to your clipboard.

Go to WordPress > Pages and click Edit to open up the WordPress Tutorials page.

Paste the shortcode into the content area (replace any existing shortcode). Insert additional content to this page if you like.

Republish your page and preview. Your training site template should be set up.

WordPress Theme Galaxis

Configure additional settings and make whatever adjustments you like to customize your training site.

5. Add Tutorial Content

The last step is to add the tutorials to your training template. This is covered in a separate training video.


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