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If you have purchased or are considering purchasing our products, please read this section carefully, as it explains your licensing and product usage rights.

Product Rights: Business & Personal Use License - Business & Personal Use Rights

( – Business & Personal Use License)

At, our goal is to provide your business with expertly-written ‘done for you’ documentation that will not only save you considerable time and money learning WordPress or training others to use WordPress, but also help improve your productivity and increase the value of your business and your services.

The following licensing and usage terms apply to all products sold by under the Business & Personal Use License:

[YES] Business & Personal Use Rights Only

Products that you purchase from us under this license can only be used for your own business and/or personal use.


  • “You” and “Your/Yours” refers to your business or whoever purchases our products.
  • “Business Use Rights” are granted only to registered businesses, companies, organizations or domains that “you” own or control. It does not extend to agents, contracted service suppliers, or third-party companies purchasing products on your behalf, business or domains that you do not own or control, or your customers, clients, subscribers, or members.
  • “Personal Use Rights” are granted only to your customers, clients, subscribers, or paid members.
  • Documentation purchased from us must be stored only on computers, servers, internal networks, intranets, external drives, storage devices, or content storage services that you own.
  • You may grant access to our products to agents, contracted service suppliers, or third-party companies purchasing products on your behalf if this is necessary to conduct your business (see ‘Acceptable uses’ section below).

Acceptable uses include:

  • Using the documentation to learn, teach, or train others within your business and any businesses that you own or control.
  • Allowing individuals or departments in your business, company, or organization to access and use the information for learning or training purposes. This includes you, your business partners, shareholders, staff, team members, agents, service suppliers, and clients, customers, and subscribers of your services.

Unnacceptable uses include:

  • Unauthorized copying, distribution, or sales of our products.
  • Posting or publishing content from our manuals online.

[YES] Can Download & Print Copies For Personal/Business Use

You can download and print as many copies as you need for your business or personal use.

Acceptable uses include:

  • Creating printed business or training manuals and distributing copies of these manuals to individuals or departments within your business, company, or organization, clients, etc.

[YES] Can Brand Documentation With Your Details (Rebrandable Version Only)

You can use the documentation as is, or add your business details to a rebrandable version of our products as explained in our Build Your Manual section. Apart from adding your business details, the rest of the documentation must remain unmodified except if working on editable files that we provide (see ‘Can Customize Editable Files’ section below).

Acceptable uses include:

  • Creating an operations manual for your staff or contracted service providers.
  • Creating training manuals documentation for your clients.
  • Incorporating our manuals into your existing documentation.
  • Incorporating our manuals into your business brand (e.g. a franchise, stores, branches, etc.).

[YES] Can Customize Editable Files

Most of the documents we provide are available in PDF format only as explained in our Document Management System section and cannot be modified as part of our license agreement (see ‘Cannot Modify PDF Files’ section below).

We do provide editable templates, worksheets, and other forms of documentation that you can customize for your business (e.g. binder covers).

Acceptable uses include:

  • Adding your business name to binder covers.
  • Adding your business details to templates and distributable documents.
  • Customizing editable templates and worksheets to match specific strategies, methods, or products used in your business.

[YES] Can Add To Private/Paid Training & Membership Sites

You can add our products to your private or paid training and membership sites.

Acceptable uses include:

  • Creating a free private online training area where staff, team members, and clients can view, access, and/or download original or rebranded files.
  • Creating a paid membership site where clients or members can view, access, and/or download original or rebranded files.

[YES] Can Bundle & Distribute PDF Sections As Part Of Your Services (Rebrandable Manual With PDF Sections Product Only)

Our rebrandable manual with PDF sections product allows you to bundle and distribute individual PDF sections of the manual to clients if you would like to create your own customized training program (see our Build Your Manual section for more details).

Acceptable uses include:

  • Creating “Quick-Start” training guides or handouts for staff or clients using combined PDF sections.
  • Replacing “Resources” section of printed documentation with your own list of resources or tutorials.

[YES] Can Use For Training, Teaching & Educational Purposes

Our products are designed to help you learn, teach, train, and educate others to use WordPress.

Acceptable uses include:

  • Running training seminars, workshops, courses, classes, etc.
  • Coaching, training, teaching businesses or individuals, etc.

[YES] Can Include As A Bonus With Sale Of Website(s)

You can include our products as a bonus if you build, sell, or flip websites.

Acceptable uses include:

  • Offering comprehensive training documentation as a bonus to entice new clients for a special deal on website development, digital marketing, or web consulting services.
  • Using the training documentation as a bonus to drive up bids at website flipping or sale auctions.

[YES] Can Transfer License With Sale Of Business

If selling your business, you can transfer your product rights to the new owner.

Note: If transferring you product license to another party, please include your purchase receipt in the transfer to the new license owner and notify us. We only provide updates to registered purchasers. New license owners may be asked to show proof of purchase.

Acceptable uses include:

  • Include documentation as part of your business assets when selling your business or presenting your business for sale to prospective buyers.

[No] Cannot Modify PDF Files

PDF files that we provide as part of our products cannot be modified.

One of the benefits of using our products to provide training documentation to your clients is that we keep the content up-to-date. For updates to work, document files must remain unmodified.

[No] Cannot Replicate, Reproduce, Or Republish Content

You cannot copy, replicate, reproduce, or republish content from our products without our written permission.

[No] Cannot Claim Authorship, Copyright, Or Publishing Rights is the sole author of its products and retains full copyright and publishing rights to its content and documentation.

[No] Cannot Give Away For Free Or Bundle With Free Services

This product cannot be given away for free.

You may give samples away as bonuses for paid products or services or as incentives for list-building purposes (e.g. to entice visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or updates list), but the product cannot be given away for free, added to free membership sites, or bundled with free services.

[No] Does Not Include Resell, Master Resell, Or Private Label Rights

This product cannot be sold, resold, or modified in any way and by anyone else other than

Users found to be in breach of the above license terms will have their accounts terminated immediately and no refunds will be given.

If you have any questions about the above, please see our FAQ section or contact us.


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