WordPress Step-By-Step Client Training Solution – Elite Member (Special Price Offer)

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Do you provide WordPress services? Save years of work and many thousands of $$$ creating WordPress training content for your clients with our editable and comprehensive ‘done-for-you’ WordPress Step-By-Step Client Training Solution. This one-time price deal is a limited launch offer.

(Rebrandable WordPress user manual does not include our logo.)

See the full description below for details of everything the Elite Membership includes.

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Get The Complete Editable ‘Done-For-You’ WordPress Step-By-Step Client Training Solution For A One-Time Payment!

*** This Is A Special Launch Offer. Once All Limited Spots Are Sold, This Deal Will Never Be Offered Again! **

WordPress Client Training System
Create your own WordPress client training with our editable content package … expertly-written and completely done-for-you!

"This is AMAZING! I had learnt about how to use WordPress previously, but this covers absolutely everything and more!! Incredible value! Thank you!" - Monique, Warrior Forum

Please read this page carefully… this is your only opportunity to get the most comprehensive, editable, and done-for-you WordPress step-by-step client training system available for a special one-price only deal. Only a very limited number of spots are available and once these are sold out, this offer will never be made again!

This page includes the following information:


Customize, Brand, And Create Your Own WordPress Client Training System (Elite Membership)

Do you want to create your own customized and branded WordPress client training?

Then become an Elite Member and get EVERYTHING you need to provide your clients with step-by-step training on how to use a WordPress site … all done-for-you!

As an Elite Member, you get:

  • COMPLETE SOURCE DOCUMENTATION of our 500+ page WordPress User Manual (you get the full source manual documentation so you can edit the content however you like!)
  • 120+ Detailed WordPress Step-by-Step Written & Screenshot Tutorials (you can fully customize these tutorials and use them however and wherever you like!)
  • FREE Unlimited Reseller Access to WordPress Video Training Membership Site With 1,800+ Video Tutorials (register unlimited clients and charge whatever you like!)
  • 200+ Client training emails (save time: edit these emails and add them to your autoresponder to provide your clients with ongoing training…completely hands-free!)
  • 4 x Lead Generation Reports (edit and use these to entice new clients, generate new leads, and sell additional services!)
  • Plus … updates and member support (use this expertly-written ‘done-for-you’ training content to save time and money, gain a competitive advantage, and grow your business!)

I’ve Spent Over 8 Years & Hundreds Of Thousands Of $$$ Creating Expertly-Written Content That Will Save You Time And Money Training Your Clients

My name is Martin Aranovitch. I have been helping businesses learn how to use WordPress almost since WordPress started (Google my name or read more about me here). I am a full-time WordPress content writer for a global WordPress software development company with over 1.6 million clients and subscribers worldwide.

If you are looking for the most comprehensive and effective way to train your clients to use a WordPress site, look no further…here it is!

I have spent over 8+ years creating the most comprehensive and detailed step-by-step WordPress training system available. I know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to create expertly-written content that will effectively train non-technical WordPress users (i.e. most businesses). I’ve decided to not only make my training system available to anyone who provides WordPress services but also to give you full access to the source documentation and editable files, so you can completely customize it and brand it to suit your own needs.

"Learning WordPress has been a huge stumbling block for me. I've been looking for something that covers absolutely everything but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Thank you so much ... you have just provided me with what I have been looking for! Truly appreciated!" - Tanya

Let’s face it… when it comes to training clients to use a WordPress site, you can:

  1. Let your clients figure everything out for themselves (the fastest way to lose clients!)
  2. Give them ineffective and outdated training content (like most of what’s available!)
  3. Write all the training content yourself and keep it regularly updated (very time-consuming), or
  4. Hire someone else to write it for you (very expensive).

If you want to help your clients get better results in their business using their WordPress site, then get my comprehensive, editable, done-for-you WordPress client training package — and if you are one of the lucky few to have landed on this page while the ‘one-time’ low price offer is still available, this should be a no-brainer.

If you provide any kind of WordPress-related service, you can edit and customize this content to:

  • Establish yourself instantly as a ‘go-to’ WordPress expert and client support hero,
  • Improve your customer retention rates,
  • Boost customer loyalty,
  • Generate repeat business,
  • Deliver outstanding value with your services,
  • Gain a unique competitive advantage,
  • Save considerable time and money.

Let’s be honest…do you really have the time, resources, or even the desire to spend valuable time planning, researching, writing, editing, and constantly updating training content for your clients, prospects, and subscribers like tutorials, manuals, videos, training emails, lead generation guides and reports, etc.?

Creating quality training content is time-consuming and expensive and keeping content up-to-date about WordPress is even more challenging. I know this because I have spent the past decade dealing with these challenges and doing the time-consuming work of writing and putting together a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step WordPress training system for non-technical users.

You can take what I’ve spent years creating and use to train your clients…I’m giving you access to all the source documents so you can edit and use this content however you like.

You won’t be saving days, weeks, or months of time-consuming work…you’ll be saving years!

Developing true expertise in any area or subject takes years. Creating quality content that reflects this expertise is very time-consuming. And don’t even mention the time it takes to keep all this content up-to-date. Finally, creating expertly-written content that can effectively train your clients involves spending a huge amount of time in activities that don’t generate immediate returns, like content planning, researching, organizing ideas, creating and sourcing images, and then doing the actual writing, editing, updating, etc.

You can shortcut this process and save yourself many years of work by simply downloading the source documentation and tutorial files, editing the content to suit your needs, branding it as your own, and then making it instantly available to your clients, prospects, and subscribers.

Don’t waste your valuable time and money searching elsewhere or reinventing the wheel…you will not find another content writer that can match the quality of what is being offered to you here…especially at today’s price!

Take a good look below at everything you will get as an exclusive Elite Member, go through the samples to check out the expert quality, add all the numbers up and do the maths for yourself, and you will see that purchasing my editable, comprehensive, and completely done-for-you client training content package will save you many years of work and many tens of thousands of dollars in content creation.

This is your only opportunity to access the complete WordPress Client Training package for a special one-time payment only. Once these spots are gone, the price will go up and new customers will pay a monthly membership fee, so don’t miss out…this opportunity will never be offered again!

What’s Included With Your Elite Membership

Let me take you through everything that you will get as an Elite Member:

#1: Rebrandable WordPress User Manual (PDF)

Use the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual to create branded and personalized copies of this 500+ page manual with your company name, website address, and client’s name.

WordPress User Manual - Unbranded

(WordPress User Manual – Rebrandable Version)

With the rebrandable version of the ‘WordPress User Manual’ you can create and distribute unlimited copies of the manual to your clients or subscribers with the following details included on all pages:

  • Your Company Name
  • Your Company’s Website Address
  • Your Client’s Name Or Business Name (leave this field blank if you plan to distribute generic branded copies of the manual)
  • Optional: You can add your affiliate ID to the manual’s ‘resources’ sections and earn commissions when users purchase our recommended video courses.

Here is an example of the rebranded manual’s home page …

WordPress User Manual - Rebranded home page

(WordPress User Manual – Rebranded home page)

And here is an example of manual pages with your details included …

Manual pages with your details

(Manual pages with your details)

The rebrandable manual also lets you add your affiliate ID to all links in the ‘Resources’ sections pointing to recommended video courses …

Earn affiliate commissions from sales of recommended video courses

(Earn affiliate commissions from sales of recommended video courses)

When users click on a link for more information about the video course, a cookie is placed on their web browser with your affiliate ID. If they purchase any video courses up to a year after clicking on a link, you will be credited for the sale. If users purchase the ‘All Access Pass’ membership you will earn recurring commissions for as long as users remain actively subscribed.

Note: As an Elite Member, you can use your affiliate link with copies of the manual that you distribute to non-clients, and use your reseller code (see below) for charging clients to access the video training.

 Click Here For More Information About The Rebrandable Manual


Want to create your own customized user manual?

No problem! As an Elite Member, you also get…

#2: WordPress User Manual Source Documentation (100,000+ Words: DOCX)

With the Elite Membership, all source documentation for the WordPress User Manual described above is also included as editable .docx files. You can download and edit the content to create your own customized WordPress training manuals. Edit and recompile any or all of the manual’s content to suit your needs. The original manual files are regularly updated and available for download 24/7 from your Elite Member’s area.


Want to add links from your training manual or email to online WordPress tutorials hosted on your own site?

We have you covered! Here’s what else you get with your Elite Membership…

#3: 120+ Detailed WordPress Tutorials (210,000+ Words & 2,800+ Screenshots/Images)

The WordPress Dashboard

How To Reset Your WordPress Password

The WordPress Dashboard

How To Reset Your WordPress Password

How To Create A Post In WordPress

How To Make A WordPress Post Sticky

How To Create A Post In WordPress

How To Make A WordPress Post Sticky

How to Use WordPress Post Categories

How To Use The WordPress Quick-Edit Feature

How To Use WordPress Post Categories

How To Use The WordPress Quick-Edit Feature

Website Planning Process

How To Use & Configure WordPress Widgets

How To Plan Your Website

How To Use And Configure WordPress Widgets

As an ELITE MEMBER, you will receive 120+ detailed step-by-step WordPress written tutorials with screenshots. These tutorials are designed to help you train your clients online, build your reputation as an expert WordPress services provider, and sell your services.

You can customize and add these tutorials to your own WordPress training or membership site, publish these on your website as content, turn them into expert guides or reports to entice subscribers to join your marketing list, link to from your custom training manuals and training emails, and more!

All tutorials are written specifically for a non-technical audience and cover both WordPress Classic and WordPress Gutenberg editors (see tutorials list below).

Every tutorial you receive is comprehensive, expertly-written, and includes high-quality screenshots and step-by-step written content. You can fully customize these tutorials to suit your needs, add, remove, or split these into multiple items, add links to your services or affiliate products, rewrite to create unique content … in short, you can use the content however you like to train your clients, generate new leads for your business, keep in touch with your subscribers, and grow your business online.

The tutorials included in the Elite Membership focus on areas like:

  • Using WordPress – These tutorials expand on the WordPress User Manual content and cover all the main features of using WordPress that your clients will need to need to know to use their websites effectively (e.g. how to log in and out of WordPress, using the WordPress dashboard, how to create, edit, and delete posts and pages, using publishing features in the WordPress Classic and Gutenberg content editor, using categories and tags, using the Media library, how to upload, edit and resize images, how to add videos and audio files to content, etc.)
  • Website Planning & Content Marketing – Use these tutorials to build credibility, establish authority, and generate new leads for your business and to teach your prospects and potential clients how to plan an effective web presence. Includes downloadable checklists that you can provide to your clients for selling services like web development, web design, etc.
  • Benefits Of Using WordPress – Use these tutorials to educate potential clients about the benefits of using WordPress to sell website development and services like WordPress management and maintenance, plugin installation and development, technical support, web hosting, etc.
  • Content Marketing – Combine these tutorials with the 120+ part Content Creation email course included in the membership.

WordPress Written Tutorials

Below is a full list of the editable WordPress tutorials included with your Elite Membership. Click on the links to view live examples.

120+ WordPress tutorials = 210,000+ words and 2,800+ images.
Average tutorial = 1,700 words and 20+ images/screenshots.

Tutorials will be regularly updated. Tutorial word count and number of images may change.
CategoryTutorialWord CountImages
Overview50 Reasons To Choose WordPress For Your Business3,0769
PlanningHow To Plan Your Website - Part 13,54510
PlanningHow To Plan Your Website - Part 22,55420
PlanningHow To Plan Your Website - Part 31,96314
WP 101How To Log Into WordPress6025
WP 101How To Log Out Of WordPress1,55022
WP 101How To Reset Your WordPress Password1,20026
WP 101The WordPress Dashboard2,30041
WP 101How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard57016
WP 101How To Edit Your WordPress User Profile2,50024
WP 101How To Set A Home Page For Your WordPress Website1,2009
WP 101How to Use The WordPress Screen Options Tab4509
PostsWordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages Explained2,32019
PostsHow To Create A Post In WordPress - Part 12,60045
PostsHow To Create A Post In WordPress - Part 22,25024
PostsHow To Use WordPress Post Categories3,20055
PostsHow To Use WordPress Tags2,10021
PostsHow To Edit And Delete WordPress Posts - Part 12,32531
PostsHow To Edit And Delete WordPress Posts - Part 23,90051
PostsHow To Use The WordPress Classic Visual Editor3,78548
PostsA Basic Guide To HTML For Beginners3,77037
PostsHow To Create A Page In WordPress2,80046
PostsHow To Edit And Delete Pages In WordPress1,15040
PostsHow To Use The WordPress Internal Linking Tool2,65029
PostsHow To Use The WordPress Quick Edit Feature2,00034
PostsHow To Add Code To WordPress Posts & Pages3,98057
PostsHow-To Add Special Characters In WordPress Posts & Pages1,77027
PostsWordPress Post Formats Explained8406
PostsHow To Change Post Authors In WordPress2,00035
PostsHow To Use WordPress Posts Excerpts1,96045
PostsHow To Split Long Posts Into Multiple Pages In WordPress1,28034
PostsHow To Schedule Posts In WordPress2,87035
PostsHow To Make WordPress Posts Sticky1,00020
PostsHow To Protect Your Content In WordPress Posts & Pages3,27029
PostsHow To Add Downloadable Files In WordPress2,40011
PostsHow To Clone A WordPress Post Or Page1,16017
PostsHow To Add Posts To WordPress Via Email2,62530
PostsHow To Find Page & Post Ids In WordPress1,00014
PostsHow To Use WordPress Autosave And Post Revisions1,95034
GutenbergThe WordPress Gutenberg Editor4009
GutenbergHow To Use WordPress Gutenberg Blocks2,30035
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Content Editor Interface1,55029
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Editing Toolbar2,00058
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Settings Section2,10038
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Archives Block58011
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Audio Block1,30022
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Button Block69012
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Categories Block60011
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Classic Block70010
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Code Block6109
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Columns Block85016
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Cover Block1,35020
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Custom HTML Block6607
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Embed Block66010
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - File Block1,11017
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Gallery Block1,42021
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Heading Block99018
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Image Block1,70023
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Latest Comments Block71011
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Latest Posts Block70011
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - List Block75014
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Media Text Block1,39020
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - More Block78011
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Page Break Block5908
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Paragraph Block89016
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Preformatted Block70012
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Pullquote Block71013
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Quote Block68012
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Reusable Block1,29024
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Separator Block59010
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Shortcode Block4707
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Spacer Block/5608
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Table Block77013
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Verse Block67012
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Video Block1,39020
GutenbergWordPress Gutenberg Blocks - Keyboard Shortcuts Block3405
MediaHow To Use The WordPress Media Library2,70047
MediaUsing Images In WordPress2,29037
MediaHow To Add An Image Gallery In WordPress1,75051
MediaHow To Add And Format Images In WordPress2,10049
MediaHow To Add Videos In WordPress2,28037
MediaHow To Add Audio Files In WordPress2,17044
MediaHow To Use Featured Images73017
MediaHow To Edit Images In The WordPress Media Library1,50033
MediaWhere To Find Free & Royalty-Free Images For Your Content5,80056
MediaWhat Is A WordPress Gravatar And How To Use It1,90028
MenusHow To Use WordPress Menus1,85060
PluginsWordPress Plugins Explained1,88014
WidgetsWordPress Widgets Explained2,57024
WidgetsHow To Use WordPress Widgets - Part 11,69021
WidgetsHow To Use WordPress Widgets - Part 21,50024
WidgetsHow To Use WordPress Widgets - Part 31,51024
WidgetsHow To Use WordPress Widgets - Part 43,49063
ThemesWordPress Themes Explained1,6909
ThemesHow To Use The WordPress Theme Customizer1,80051
ThemesWhere To Find WordPress Themes3,35022
UsersHow To Manage WordPress Users2,36047
UsersHow To Use WordPress Comments3,30019
MarketingContent Marketing With WordPress1,6003
MarketingContent Idea Generation Tools1,10032
MarketingContent Marketing - Content Writing Tools2,8006
MarketingContent Marketing - How To Create eBooks And Online Courses4,20018
MarketingContent Marketing - Videos3,00010
MarketingContent Marketing - eBooks3,00015
MarketingContent Marketing - User Generated Content2,50010
MarketingContent Marketing - Testimonials And User Reviews3,5006
MarketingContent Marketing - Podcasts1,3006
MarketingContent Marketing - Rewriting Content1,0002
MarketingContent Marketing - Rewriting Tools8005
MarketingContent Marketing - Infographics1,3003
MarketingContent Marketing - Memes & Cartoons1,10012
MarketingContent Marketing - Using Ready-Made Content8003
MarketingContent Marketing - Using Third-Party Content1,1003
MarketingContent Marketing - Using Private Label Rights Content1,6007
ToolsHow To Use The WordPress Tools Menu55010
ToolsBeginner's Guide To Using WordPress RSS4,50055
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App90023
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Admin60016
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Posts & Pages1,60056
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Media70013
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Comments50011
AppHow To Use The WordPress Mobile App - Settings90024


Want to give your clients access to both written and video tutorials?

Great! Because as an Elite Member, you also get…

#4: 3 Yrs Reseller Access To WordPress & Digital Business Video Training Site (1,900+ videos)

As you can imagine, writing and keeping all this content updated is extremely time-consuming, so I don’t produce videos, but I have built a huge video training membership site over the years (currently 1,900+ video tutorials) using professionally-recorded videos from trusted providers.

As an ELITE MEMBER, you will get a unique RESELLER CODE that will give you immediate and unlimited access to my WordPress and Digital Business Video Training Membership Site containing 1,800+ quality video tutorials on how to use WordPress, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and more.

With your reseller code (valid for 3 yrs.), you will be able to register your clients on the video membership site and give them full access to all the video tutorials and charge them whatever you like (e.g. a monthly subscription fee, or include it as part of your service). Your cost is $0 and your profit potential is unlimited, as you can enroll as many clients as you like, charge whatever you want, and keep 100% of the profits you make. New videos are regularly added to the video training library and my suppliers keep the video content up-to-date.

Check out some of the sample videos below:

WordPress Dashboard

Introduction To WordPress Gutenberg

Note: If you prefer to build and host your own video training library or membership site, you will find links to my video suppliers in the Elite Member’s area.

What about keeping in touch with your clients?

Great question! As an Elite Member, you will also get…

#5: A Complete Hands-Free Client Training Email Series (30,000+ words)

As an ELITE MEMBER, you also receive editable training emails that you can add to an autoresponder service to provide your clients with ongoing (and ‘hands-free’) training and support and to stay in touch with your subscribers. Use these training emails to send clients to the written and video tutorials and to upsell your additional services.

WordPress Client Training System - Training Emails
Use these client training emails to train clients, keep in touch, and upsell clients additional services.


This is absolutely fantastic! But how do I get new customers in the first place?

Although the Elite Membership is primarily designed to be a client training system, we also provide the following to help you turn prospects into new leads:

#6: Content Creation Email Training Course (90,000+ Words)

You will also get exclusive access to my 120+ part content creation email training course. These fully customizable email lessons will teach your clients, prospects, and subscribers how to never run out of great content ideas for their website, blog, or newsletter.

120-Part Content Creation Email Course
Elite Members get exclusive access to a 120-part customizable email training course on content creation for website owners.


#7: Lead Generation Guides (20,000+ Words)

To help you generate more leads for your services, more subscribers for your mailing lists, sell additional services like web development, SEO, website maintenance, etc., and provide value-added training to your new and existing clients, you will also receive detailed step-by-step editable guides that you can fully customize and distribute to your prospects, subscribers, and clients to help them grow their business and build trust in your expertise.

Editable lead generation guides -
Elite members receive detailed, illustrated and fully editable lead generation guides.

These detailed guides include screenshots and checklists covering areas like website planning, starting a profitable eCommerce or Membership site, and online business security.

Lead Generation Guides
Use these editable lead generation guides to grow your web services business and to help your clients grow their businesses.


#8: Content Updates

Take advantage of this special offer and receive new content and updates to the user manual, manual documentation, tutorials, training emails, and lead generation guides at no additional cost.


How Much Would It Cost You To Create All This Content?

Suppose you do find someone who has the expertise and the willingness to invest the time required to create all of this detailed WordPress training content and then keep it up-to-date for you.

How much would it cost you to create all this content?

Search online and you will find that although rates vary, most expert writers will charge you by the project, by the hour, or by the word. I’ve spent years writing and updating this content, but let’s assume that you find someone who is an expert in teaching WordPress to non-technical users who is willing to create the same content I’m making available here for way less than half the rate most experts will charge you.

Here’s what you could expect to pay (after waiting years for your content to be written and not including the cost of setting up systems to keep the documentation up-to-date):

WordPress Client Training System - Content Creation Cost
This is the minimum cost you could expect to pay to create WordPress client training content similar to what I’ve already created for you.

I challenge you to find anyone willing to create content for you that can match the quality of what I’m offering you for the same price and deliver everything to you in the next 12 months.

Special One-Time Deal For Fast Action-Takers…

Purchase the Elite Membership today and receive EVERYTHING described on this page for the one-time payment amount shown below: 

$297.00 $0.00 / month and a $497.00 sign-up feePurchase Now

Why You’re Getting This Very Special Deal Today…

As an Elite Member, you will get access to a 500+ page WordPress user training manual, 120+ detailed step-by-step tutorials, 200+ training emails, and 4 in-depth lead generation reports…in total, you’re getting over 450,000+ words of expertly-written content and 2,800+ high-quality screenshots and images.

I’m sure you will agree…this is a lot of content!

I want to deliver you all this content in the next 12 months.

I originally created this training content for my own clients. To ensure that you can download and use it straight away in your business, I need to review and update everything, add helpful notes and instructions to make it easier for you to edit and customize it (e.g. interlinking with other tutorials), create video training tutorials, etc.

If you purchase today, I guarantee that you will receive everything described on this page…although it may not be delivered exactly as shown in the schedule below:

Elite Membership Content Delivery Schedule

MonthItemManual Source DocsTutorialsTraining EmailsCourse Emails
1Rebrandable Manual & Video Reseller Code4410
2Lead Generation Guide108410
5Lead Generation Guide1010610
8Lead Generation Guide13810
11Lead Generation Guide12810

(Note: the above time frames may vary some months while content is still being added to the membership area.)

I am working as hard and as diligently as I can to make sure that every monthly installment is completed and delivered on time (remember, you’re getting 12 jam-packed months of expertly-written content). Until everything is done and uploaded to the Member’s area, however, I may run into occasional delays. Life happens. Kids have birthdays, the internet drops out unexpectedly, unexpected visitors drop in, family dramas need attending to, plus I have a fulltime job.

So…a tutorial or user guide may take a week or two longer to complete…BUT IT WILL GET DONE AND IT WILL BE DELIVERED … I PROMISE YOU!

So, to make up for the fact that there may be some delays getting each monthly content installment completed after I launch this unique service …

I’m giving you the exclusive opportunity to join my Elite Membership service during this soft-launch period for a very special one-time payment only.

Once all limited spots sell out, this special offer will be permanently closed and replaced with a monthly membership service. I currently plan to eventually sell this exclusive WordPress step-by-step client training system for US$297 per month, so the cost to access this content will be $297 x 12 months = US$3,564.

Take advantage of this special limited one-time payment deal today and get everything listed on this page plus any new content and future updates, save thousands of $$$, and never pay another cent again!

No yearly renewal fees, no upsells, nothing. You get everything included in the Elite Membership for the one-time payment shown below:

$297.00 $0.00 / month and a $497.00 sign-up feePurchase Now

Don’t miss out…secure your spot now! Once these spots are gone, this offer is gone forever! I will reopen it as a monthly membership ($297 per month)!

What Can You Do With All This Content?

I’ve spent years putting all this content together and I really want you to be able to use it to train your clients and grow your business, so I am willing to be as flexible as I can be with what you can do with it.

In a nutshell, here is what you can do with all the content as an Elite Member:

  1. You can edit, modify, customize, and use the written content in the WordPress user manual source documentation, screenshot tutorials, training emails, and downloadable guides and checklists however you like to suit your training needs. You can literally repurpose the content and use it in any way that will help you train your clients to use WordPress. You can use the content to create custom or individual client training manuals, use it as web content, blog posts, add it to a training/membership site, etc.
  2. The only things you can’t do are:
    a) you can’t claim copyright over the content (e.g. you can compile any section of it into a ‘Quick Start’ training guide for your clients and put your business name on it but you can’t claim ownership or authorship of my intellectual property).
    b) you can’t sell or resell my content as your content (e.g. you can’t take what I give you and sell it as a book on Amazon. The license does not include private label rights to the content as a whole package) and,
    c) you can’t duplicate my business model. In other words, you can’t set up a business on-selling or re-selling this content to others.
  3. The videos in my video training membership site are created under license with third-party companies and cannot be modified or downloaded. I am giving you “reseller” access to my existing video training content so you can include links to videos in your training and I will manage the video content and add and update videos on the site. I will also provide links to my video suppliers if you would like to build your own video training library or membership site and link the content in your training to your video training area instead of mine.
  4. I will update the content of the rebrandable manuals, source documentation, written tutorial files, training emails, guides, and checklists when updates are necessary, but you are responsible for managing any content that you modify. I can only assume responsibility for managing the content that I create for you. Once the content is modified, I have no control over it. If you don’t want to change or manage the content, then use the rebrandable manual. I am giving you the option to modify the content if you need to adapt it for your purposes. Please note: you will need to customize the sections in the editable documents containing links to images, other tutorials, and information about your own products or services, and you are responsible for hosting all the content on your own server.
  5.  Read the Elite Membership product license below and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Elite Membership License
Elite Membership User License

Take Up This Offer Today And Take Advantage Of My “No-Risk Guarantee”…

Become an ELITE MEMBER today by making a one-time payment at today’s special price and I guarantee I’ll give you more than your money’s worth with absolutely “zero” risk to you.

You are covered by my 30-day, no-risk, no questions asked money-back guarantee, so if in the next 30 days you decide that you no longer want to be an ELITE MEMBER, I’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked… AND YOU CAN KEEP your subscription to the rebrandable manual for a full year, plus your unique RESELLER CODE to the video training membership site for the next 3 years, PLUS the first month’s tutorials, training emails and lead gen guide as my way of saying “thank you” for giving my exclusive and unique service a try.

If you decide to continue your ELITE MEMBERSHIP after 30 days, you will then get full access to the complete source documentation of my WordPress User Manual over 4 monthly instalments. That’s 100,000+ words of expertly-written content that you can edit, recompile, and use however you like to grow your business. Over the next 12 months, you will also get access to 120+ detailed WordPress written tutorials, 4 x lead generation guides, and 200+ training emails that you can also fully edit and use however you like. That’s over 450,000+ words and 2,800+ screenshots and images of expertly-written content done-for-you that I’ve spent over 8 years working full-time to create.

So, your investment is 100% risk-free! All you will ever pay today is the low, one-time-only price shown below (while spots are still available). I will never ask you to pay again for future content and updates made available to Elite Members.


$297.00 $0.00 / month and a $497.00 sign-up feePurchase Now

Who Can Benefit As An Elite Member:

  • WordPress Website Developers
  • WordPress Web Designers
  • Digital (Internet/SEO/Social) Marketers
  • Web Hosting Companies offering WordPress hosting
  • WordPress Consultants & Digital Business Trainers
  • WordPress Maintenance, Technical Support
  • WordPress Plugin or Theme Developers
  • Individuals or Businesses Selling/Flipping Websites
  • Affiliate Marketers

"Wow! I never knew there's so much to learn about WordPress! I bought one of the WordPress for Dummies three years ago, such authors need to be on this course!" - Rich Law, Create A Blog Now

$297.00 $0.00 / month and a $497.00 sign-up feePurchase Now

If This Offer Is Not For You…

I won’t take up any more of your time convincing you of the incredible value of this offer. If you can’t see how this completely ‘done-for-you’ editable WordPress Step-By-Step Client Training Solution can save your business time and money training your clients to use WordPress, then this offer really isn’t for you. You can purchase the Rebrandable WordPress User Manual instead or wait until this becomes a monthly membership service and pay at least US$297 per month.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to being of service. If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section or feel free to contact me.

Martin Aranovitch
Martin Aranovitch,
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