The Rebrandable WordPress User Manual lets you rebrand the manual with the following details:

  • Your Company Name
  • Your Company’s Website Address
  • Your Client’s Name
  • Your Affiliate ID for (earn commissions on sales of video courses – to become an affiliate, go here.)

Once the manual has been rebranded, you can share it online, or download it to your hard drive as a distributable PDF file.

Your company name, website address and client’s name or business name will display in the header and footer of all pages of the manual and all links to video courses in the manual will contain your affiliate ID, so if users purchase any of the video courses up to a year after clicking on a link in the manual, you will be credited for the sale (if users purchase the ‘All Access Pass’ membership you will earn recurring comissions for as long as users remain subscribed).

For more information, go here: WordPress User Manual (Rebrandable)